Family Business (closed)

It was still one week until Halloween but people already started to freak out. At least in this little town the four hunters ended up after her last job. They spoke about witches and monsters out there, people vanishing during nightime and so on - all the classic stuff. And things Alice had tried to avoid all the years since her first Halloween. But now she couldn’t do this anymore. Not with the knowing those demons and witches could be reality.

So they’d decided to stay here for a while, asking around and doing some research. Alice was just about reading some local newspaper articles in their motel room when Dean and the others came back.


Castiel really didn’t know how she had managed to get out of Purgatory.  Well, the new body with all the strange softness was a her.  Angels weren’t gender-specific, but Castiel couldn’t help feeling a little disoriented.  Still, that wasn’t the real problem.

The real problem was that she was barely, barely alive.  Her wings were practically skeletal, blood feathers refusing to be hid like usual.  She just knew one moment she was running from Leviathans, and the next she was lying in the mud, rain pouring on her face and very much not in Purgatory.

"Dean," she rasped out, closing her eyes.  Where was Dean?  He wasn’t supposed to leave without Cas, but things had gotten so complicated at the end.  With the last bit of remaining strength, Castiel located Dean and collapsed, covered in mud and blood, onto the floor of the dingy motel room.


*Ruby had been walking around in a daze for a long time. She had risen from the dead for the second time in one day because there were so many people hunting her for what she did. No one believed her when she said that God had given her a second chance and had brought her back to life as a human, and was no longer a demon. They all felt the need to continuously kill her to torture and punish her, as if she hadn’t been punished enough. She bumps into someone and grunted as she fell to the ground, looking up to see who it was. She groaned and said* great another person to hunt me. Hello Dean.


Jeyne felt her inner wolf howl in satisfaction at the male in front of her and she bit her lip. ‘No way, but his a hunter!’ she thought to herself and the wolf growled at her. She sighed and rolled her eyes. “S-so, you’re not gonna shoot me?” 

Its Christmas Time (closed)

It was only a few days left until Christmas and Alice and Dean were on the road again after finishing another job. Maybe, hopefully, their last job for this year. Last night it had started to snow heavily so they had decided to make a stop at the nearest motel they would find, waiting until most of the it would be over again.

Alice stood in front of the window, watching the white, puffy snowflakes falling down and creating a white blanket over the landscape outside. There was some sort of Christmas movie playing in the TV behind her, but Alice wasn’t paying that much attention to it, just concentrating on a ‘conversation’ with Alana while she waited for Dean to come back from his search for something they could have for lunch.

[text: yeah looks like we’re stucked in here for today as well. What are you and Sammy doing?]


Alice sat in the backseat of the impala with her arms crossed and frowning. “I still don’t get why I have to sit back here!” She said and pouted. “Sam isn’t even here!” She sank further down in the seat.

Beers | Give-me-the-pie

Brenna’s eyes ventured out across the bar. The night was pretty slow and her shift had ended about an hour ago. Still, she was reluctant to leave back to the hotel she was staying at finding it easier to think about how shitty her life was steadily becoming. Part of her thought she should be grateful in a way. She wasn’t dead, she was going to hunt down the bastard who murdered her cousin, and the drink she was currently gulping down wasn’t half bad. 

Cold air drifted into the room, the draft tiptoeing over the skin her jacket didn’t cover making her shiver some. She turned her head a little in the direction of the door which had been the cause for the sudden chill, since it had been opened. Walking in was Dean, looking some what tired. Her eyebrow raised and she nodded to him as he sat a seat down from her. “Hey.”

*Rose was out getting coffee, again. She couldn’t help it, she just needed it all the time. She finally got back to the motel she and Dean were staying in, and she opened the door, and smiled brightly when she saw the hunter. Things were good between them, and besides being in life threatening situations all the time, life was good too.* Hey, ya miss me? *Rose asked with a smirk as she kicked the door shut behind her and handed Dean his coffee.*


I have not been the best. I was only recently able to escape from Crowley and his goons, so I still have a lot of demons after me. Not really the best experience really. That is actually why I wanted to find you, ya know, for safety.  *Meg said softly, putting her hands on her hips.*

Baby News || Dean and Ammelia

Ammelia sat nervously on the couch as she waited for Dean to get home from work. She was practicing how to give the news to Dean. She went over several scenarios in her head about what could happen. She chewed on her lip as she anxiously waited to hear the purr of the Impala’s engine in the driveway. Her hands were sweaty and her heart was pounding loudly in her chest.

It's time {Dean Ammelia}

"Dean." Ammelia shook him. "Dean wake up. It’s time." She bit her lip and closed her eyes as some pain rolled over her. She took a deep breath and shook him again. "Dean get up." She spoke.

  • give-me-the-pie

She tried not to spend too much time in bars these days. It was safer for her to stay under the radar as much as possible. Without knowing who or what brought her back, she had no idea whether or not someone was out to get her and, until she figured that out, she knew staying locked away in her motel room was the safest way to go. Still, she’d been by herself for a while now and all she wanted was a little bit of conversation with someone, anyone. A bit of human contact to remind her that was what she was again. Human. Alive. 

It was crowded when she first walked in so she hadn’t spotted the familiar face sitting at the other end of the bar. It wasn’t until she got up to head to the ladies room that she saw him. He’d gotten up as well and, before she knew it, she was standing face to face with him.

"…Dean?" His name seemed so foreign as it rolled off of her tongue and all she could do was look at him, mostly wondering if she was dreaming.

{Home} || Dean and Ammelia

Ammelia was laying in the couch rubbing the bump that was showing, it was small, but it showed. She was 5 months along anyway. She was waiting for Dean to come home. She hated when he had to work late. She always was lonely when he was away. She heard the Impala pulling into the driveway and heard Dean’s heartbeat. She smiled and hummed quietly.


*Rose had made a coffee run and she returned to the motel room with not just two coffees, but with a newspaper as well. She closed the door behind her and tossed the newspaper to Dean.* I think there might be a case in there. Two victims, both have missing hearts. I was thinking a werewolf. What do you think?

Fight or Flight || Dean and Sam

Sam had been walking, already at only six o’ clock it had gotten dark outside.  Sometimes the teen hated winter because of how dark it got so early, it was annoying and it screwed up his sense of time.  Now he was walking home from school with his book bag slung over his shoulder, when he heard a noise coming from the alley he had just passed.  Curiously the teen back tracked, and looked down the dark alley way, and squinted his eyes to see if he could see better.  ”Uh… hello?” He called down it as he heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him.  The teens heart rate accelerated only slightly because he’d gotten no response, yet someone was coming towards him.  Quickly he put his hand to the knife he had in his pocket, just as a man he didn’t recognize emerged from the shadows.  Sam swallowed as he could tell, just by looking at the man that something was not right.