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Life is really incredible. Everyday I am learning so many things about myself and the world around me. Two days ago, I was on the train heading to Beckton, London, to record a video interview for the show ‘Michela Meets’. I arrived at the location and thought I would check up on the progress of our mission - to reach 1000+ likes before the end of the day - because before I left the office, we were just 4 away from the target. As I arrived at the interview location I logged onto Facebook, via my mobile, and then searched for ‘GiveMeTap’. Guess what?!!!!!!!

We did it! The GiveMeTap Facebook movement reached over 1000 people. With the help of my fellow GiveMeTapper’s, friends, and their friends, we were able to reach the target of 1000+ likes on Facebook. I love numbers (see previous post with math calculations); especially big, round and even ones.

I want to say a massive thank you to all those that have helped get us to this point. With your help we can really spread the mission of 'making clean drinking water easily accessible to every human in the world'. GiveMeTap is all about helping people and I am excited to see it is being powered by people who wish to help everyone too :)! Let’s raise our GiveMeTap bottles and toast all the new GiveMeTappers that have joined the movement - We welcome you!!

To see just how amazing the world is, guess what number building the interview was taking place at (see image below)? Amazing, right?

It must of been destined for this to happen on this day. Thank you all so much :). It’s time for a GiveMeTap Tap dance (screen coming to a cinema near you)!

Stay hydrated on the London Underground this summer with GiveMeTap

It’s hot outside, and even hotter on the underground! We all know the key to staying cool is staying hydrated, and there’s no better way than with a reusable water bottle from arc social enterprise GiveMe Tap. Save 10% on your bottle now, and play spot the advert with GiveMe Tap’s first advertising campaign, with 100+ adverts at over 60 London Underground stations. 


Not only are their bottles stylish, environmentally friendly and reusable, GiveMeTap water bottle holders gain access to free drinking water from a  large network of bars, restaurants and cafes across the UK. Find out more about where the taps are located and the tap map app. Furthermore, profits from water bottle sales are donated to essential water projects – building water boreholes/pumps that change lives and communities with clean, safe drinking water.

Join thousands of people staying hydrated on the go & saving lives, and buy social with GiveMeTap.

Station listings:

Angel, Baker Street, Bank, Barbican, Bond Street, Brixton, Charing Cross, Clapham South, Cutty Sark, Greenwich (DLR), Embankment, Euston, Euston Square, Great Portland Street, Green Park, Holborn, Hyde Park Corner, Kings Cross St Pancras, Knightsbridge, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Manor House, Mansion House, Marble Arch, Marylebone, Moorgate, Mornington Crescent, Notting Hill Gate, Old Street, Paddington, Pimlico, Seven Sisters, Sloane Square, St Pauls, Stockwell, Tower Hill, Victoria, Warren Street, Waterloo, Westminster.

Transforming lives using tap water #MindTheTap

As a part of our weekly series of heroes changing the world, this week we have chosen a water change-maker, Edwin Broni Mensah.

Not long ago from now, Edwin was exploring ways in which he could gain easy access to tap water across the streets of Manchester to aid his exercise regime. To his surprise, majority of the cafes refused to offer free tap water to anyone that was not a customer even though it would cost the business close to nothing.

To add to the water accessibility issue present locally in the UK, Edwin realised that millions of people in different continents had no access to safe drinking water. According to the High Level Forum on World Water Day 2013:

  • Today, 783 million people still remain without access to an improved water supply
  • Many more use water that is unsafe to drink
  • More than 2.5 billion people still lack improved sanitation
  • Open defecation is still practiced by 1.1 billion people

The statistics call out for a rescue mission that aims to solve the water crisis in developing nations with a sustainable solution.

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Give Me Tap initiative


How to make edible packaging.

Can you have your water bottle and eat it too?

Inspired by techniques from molecular gastronomy, three London-based Spanish industrial design students created Ooho, a blob-like water container that they say is easy and cheap to make, strong, hygienic, biodegradable, and edible.

Here is their video showing how to chow down on the blob which costs only 2 cents to make!

As reported by Co.Exist

It is awesome to see innovative solutions to plastic waste being discovered everyday. Edible Packaging is a brilliant move towards a truely sustainable product. However, I do wonder how the Ooho would live in my bag without bursting onto my Kindle!

Maybe this solution is better for home use, replacing plastic bottles in the fridge and for those people who don’t have access to quality tap water.

Sustainable solutions do not necessarily have to mean that bottle packaging has to disappear, but that the bottle doesn’t have to be disposed of to the detriment of our Planet. This is why solid portable solutions such as stainless-steel bottles may fare better on the way to work when placed in the same bag as your other prized possessions!

What do you guys think? Would you prefer to have something edible like Ooho, or a solution that could last you a long time?

How my quest for a 6-pack helped me hydrate the World.

Four years ago, I was at university (of Manchester) and close to turning the ripe age of 25. Ever since I was little, I’ve always believed that turning 25 was really significant and that I’d have an awesome 25th year alive! I therefore needed to make sure that I had skills required to live it to it’s fullest. So, with just 9 months to go until April (that’s my birthday month!), I started to do some soul searching.

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Happy 3rd Birthday GiveMeTap


Woah, can’t believe that this time last year I was walking in a leg cast recovering from a broken bone. At the same time I was interviewing for our summer internship position, as GiveMeTap was about to undergo a shift in gears. 

A massive thank you to ALL of you who are joining us on our mission to hydrate the world. Because of you chose to drink water from a GiveMeTap bottle, a person that could of died from water borne diseases will now live. I think that is truly amazing! Imagine a world where your simple purchases can help to transform the world. I look forward to building that future with you.

I’d really like to thank our very first person that joined us on this journey. At first I was a crazy student with an desire to hydrate the world. But then Bart was the first person to buy a bottle from our website, which helped to create the movement. Thank you Bart for kicking things off, and thank you all for uniting with us to make water more easily accessible to every human in the world.

Love you all

Water changes everything: Valentina's story


At 67, Valentina is a mother to 8 children and a grandmother to many more. In a village with no clean water source, Water-borne diseases meant that 6 of her children didn’t finish school as they were to ill to go. She explained how malaria was a growing threat to the community due to previous open wells around the village,

Since the GiveMeTap Elephant Pump was built in Valentina’s village, there have been ZERO cases of malaria. Water-borne diseases have been significantly reduced in the community and the quality of life for people in the community has sky-rocketed.

Valentina’s children and grandchildren can now go to school more regularly without risks, which is very important to her; she believes that education is the key to development on a local and regional scale. 

Seeing first hand the impacts of your GiveMeTap bottles is a very surreal experience. We don’t just improve communities, each individual life is touched in such a significant way. We can’t wait to share more stories with you from the field.

In the mean time, share this post with your friends & family!

Keep on Tappin’

9 tips to exercise safely in the London heatwave.
  1. Make sure you start your workout fully hydrated. If you are setting off in the morning, you will be very dehydrated from not drinking for 8 hours. Try and have at least 500ml of fluid (a full GiveMeTap bottle) when you wake up before your workout. 


  2. Your body will always try to keep the levels of sugars and salts in your cellular fluid balanced. Just drinking water stimulates your kidneys to produce more urine to keep the concentrations of sugars and salts the same. This means it takes longer for you to rehydrate properly. Try adding some squash to your water!
  3. Take your bottle with you and if you have a long run, plan your route so you can fill up at a GiveMeTap refill point.  
  4. How much water you need depends on your sweat rate and how hard you are working. If you sweat a lot during work outs, remember that this means you need to replenish. 
  5. If you want to workout or run in cooler temperatures, try running earlier in the morning or later in the evening when the Sun isn’t at it’s peak. This way you won’t get as dehydrated.
  6. Be careful when running and training overseas as you will need time to climatise to your new surroundings. Give yourself a few days to get used to the environment.
  7. Do not push yourself harder when you are training in the heat. You may feel you cannot do as much as you could in a cooler environment, however, pushing hard could be a danger. 


  8. Covering up can prevent burning when the heat is intense. Try wearing synthetic sportswear that keeps you cool and dry while you train.
  9. Remember to protect your skin by splashing on some sun cream in exposed areas such as your neck and shoulders. 

Looking for a sports bottle to keep you hydrated while you work out? Try the GiveMeTap 600ml Bottle. Available with a pull up sports lid and a flip cap, you can get the perfect flow from our biggest bottle yet. 

Heatwave survival for Commuters - TapUp
MindTheTap: Fast Growing Social Enterprise on a mission to keep Londoners beat the heat on the Tube.

This summer, to combat the dangers of heat on the Underground, and reduce the 750 annual faintings, GiveMeTap has launched its own London hydration campaign called MindTheTap. Building on the TFL’s recent ‘Beat the Heat’ programme, GiveMeTap are creating a network of cafes and restaurants around major tube stations, where commuters and travellers can get free refills of tap water, on the go, with their stainless steel GiveMeTap bottle.

Faintings often occur due to lack of water facilities near the underground leaving commuters with the burden of splashing out on expensive bottled water or going without. Having access to free flowing tap water is a sure-fire way to help Londoners beat the heat and keep the underground running smoothly. 

When moving to London after University, GiveMeTap’s founder, Edwin Broni-Mensah, experienced first hand the difficulties with water accessibility on the underground and felt that something needed to be done to tackle dehydration. 

Edwin says “London is in the middle of a much-anticipated heatwave and we think it’s time people on the underground had better access to water, in a more sustainable way. At the same time, we’re helping thousands of people across Africa get access to clean drinking water.”

 As the Mayor of London tackles the issue of ventilation on trains, GiveMeTap aims to improve the possibilities for the public to make their own difference through a simple purchase. Water refill points, which GiveMeTap call ‘Taps’, can be found outside each of the stations, including the busy Victoria Line. Already, they’ve partnered with 150 taps across Central London who will happily refill GiveMeTap water bottles for free.

Over the coming weeks, GiveMeTap will be visible along the escalator panels in the hottest stations and the company states that it aims to have refills point within 400 meters from each Zone 1 station.  Finding your nearest Tap can be done with a few finger taps using their new App available on iOS & Android.

As a social enterprise, GiveMeTap’s social agenda does not stop at tackling heat exhaustion in the UK. For every GiveMeTap bottle purchased, GiveMeTap can provide clean water to a person in Africa. To date, GiveMeTap has completed 8 water projects in across the continent, providing over 4000 people with clean drinking water. Thousands of Londoner’s have already helped save lives by joining the movement including large corporates such as Deloitte, HSBC & Pizza Hut.

GiveMeTap’s vision of accessible water depends on the support of cafes and restaurants all around London. It would be great if cafes could follow the example of the 600 existing taps such as Blackfriars Wine Bar and Micycle in making this water network a success.  You can stay hydrated & help save lives at

Preparing for Ghana - Edwin's Plane Playlist.

'Without music, life would be a mistake…'

As the Water Guy heads to Ghana to get underway with the next GiveMeTap water project, we got him to share with us the tunes he’ll be listening to on his journey. Get ready for some AFROBEATS! Perfect for your own journey if you are jetting away or even if you are stuck on the tube like the rest of us! 

Access Edwin’s playlist via the Spotify link or alternatively, jam along in the office through youtube!

Watch this space for when one of our Interns will be sharing their travel playlist! In the mean time, check out the amazing work you’ve helped achieve across Africa in the name of water.

6 stats that show how you save lives. Nice!


You spoke. We Listened.

Last month, we surveyed our bottle holders to ask what they wanted to see from GiveMeTap. Overwhelmingly, Tappers wanted more updates on water projects & how their bottle purchase has made a difference.

 Here is our first ‘Mid-Year Impact Report’! A 1-page summary of all of our impacts so far. 

By purchasing over 25,000 bottles you guys have funded 8 water projects across Africa. How awesome is that?!

It’s so simple. When you buy a bottle, you save lives! Tell your friends, tell your boss & tell your nan. Help hydrate the World today. They can get their bottle at »

Keep being awesome.
Edwin, Sanum & The GMT Team  xx

How my quest for a 6-pack helped me hydrate the World.

Four years ago, I was at university (of Manchester) and close to turning the ripe age of 25. Ever since I was little, I’ve always believed that turning 25 was really significant and that I’d have an awesome 25th year alive! I therefore needed to make sure that I had skills required to live it to it’s fullest. So, with just 9 months to go until April (that’s my birthday month!), I started to do some soul searching.

I spent time exploring what it meant to ‘be a man’ (check out David DeAngelo’s On Being A Man series). I realised more and more that in our society, manhood is assumed by age rather than by behaviour (sometimes exhibited through rights of passage), mindfulness or spirituality (A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle). As I explored further, one thing kept on coming to mind - a thing that most men desire - getting a 6-pack!

I don’t mean a 6-pack of beers to drink away the night; I mean some ripped abs. Beach-body abs. I’ll never forgot the present my little brother gave me for my 21st birthday - a picture of himself, showing off his abs, with the caption saying ‘Maybe this year you will have this…’. LOL - it makes me laugh just remembering when he gave me that picture. Joker!

For me, getting a 6-pack seemed really difficult. I’d never had one before and I didn’t know what was required. I was a little lost.

In the past, I had always tried gyms. Every January, I’d commit to getting fit and sign up for monthly membership at my local Fitness First. However, without a real programme of what I should be doing in the gym, the results didn’t materialise and my motivation dwindled. But this time, not only did I want to get ripped, I wanted to be healthy and alive so that I’d be able to handle all that was coming at that ripe age of 25. I wanted to do something different this time. As they say, ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’.

So off I went to Google and began looking for information on health and fitness; specifically on how to get abs. I then remembered a 16-minute routine called Ab-Ripper X that my friends had shown me a few years back. I later discovered that this was part of a wider programme called P90X - a 90 day home fitness programme. I was taken aback by people results, thinking to myself: 'is this really possible in just 90 days?' I was skeptical.

However, one success story videos on Youtube really struck me - it was of a guy called ‘daBigShow’ who weighed roughly the same as me and his results after 90 days were just insane. I was sold! All my friends can attest to how ‘sold’ I was as I would not stop showing and telling everyone about this cool programme (I was really telling them because I wanted a partner-in-crime to take this journey with). Well, it worked and I was joined by my mate Edward who decided it would be a fun experiment.

If I was going to do this then I’d give it my all and stick to the fitness and nutriution plan to the ‘T’ so that if I didn’t get the results it wouldn’t be down to my slack. I don’t like doing things by halves. This would be all or nothing. So, I got the DVD’s, purchased my food (which was quite expensive as I was going to have to eat more calories than ever!), got a water bottle and stocked up on some recovery drinks. For the next 30 days, I committed. I was eating around 3,300 calories and drinking around 4-5 litres of water each day! 

There were times when I was tired. When all I wanted to do was sleep. But the motivation to getting ready for the year ahead was so high that there were times when I’d start working out at 1-2am because I hadn’t done my workout for that day. The results were worth it. 

This was me after 30 days:


Pumped! The programme was really working. I kept pushing play, and then by day 50, I was stunned by the results…


and then…


Close to an 8-pack here, I was A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y S.H.O.C.K.E.D at what healthy eating and drinking loads of water could do in such a short space of time. I felt so alive! It gave me both physical and mental strength - I believed I was ready for any challenge and now fully believe that anyone can fulfil their goals if they work hard enough. 

Only 3 months later, something even more amazing happened… watch this space for part 2 of the story!