We’re back! Give love this Christmas Season by supporting our BAGIBIG Fundraising Project for the benefit of the lovely Lolas in Bahay Kanlungan ni Maria Domenica and for our future projects as well.

For only 180php, you can have the Bagibig Canvas Bag! Show your love not only to our lolas but to our Mother Nature as well! All proceeds will be used for our charitable contributions. 

For this year, GLCD 2012 will take place on Dec. 9, 2012 from 3-5pm at the Bahay Kanlungan ni Maria Domenica, Mambugan, Antipolo City. This institution is a nursing home for the elderly and handicapped women. Most of the Lolas here are abandoned. These Lolas need our love most especially this coming Christmas. After all, Christmas is all about Jesus’ love for all of us. 

Be an instrument and make a difference! Help us show Christ’s love to our lovely Lolas! :)

Visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Give-Love-On-Christmas-Day/197664336988689 or http://giveloveonchristmasday.weebly.com/bagibig-canvas-bag.html and fill up and order form.

If you are the type of person who takes time to read the sometimes-senseless-stitched-words found on a page’s sidebar, then maybe you know that I, together with another friend founded a group which serves a certain chosen charity every Christmas Season. We named our small org as the Give Love on Christmas Day Project and we started out 2 years ago.

We were just students back in 2010 and we didn’t have all the riches in the world (we still do not have all the golds up until now lol) but we knew we wanted to help others. We were receiving a lot of blessings within our familes, our studies and we wanted to pay forward by helping those who are deprived of help. And so my friend Kath and I bought goodies and gave it to some children in a slum area here in Antipolo. Oh boy, it was sooooooo fulfilling! We were able to help, yes, but there was this feeling that we needed to help more! So we vowed to throw a Christmas party on the next year’s Christmas season.

2011 came and another friend, Kate, joined our charitable visions. We still didn’t have enough money to throw away a Christmas Party but we knew that we had to stay firm and reach for our dream! We thought of ways  on how to raise funds and we were able to do so eventually by selling ballers & shirts. Thanks to our dear friends who made this possible by the way. We were also able to gather some volunteers and last December 11, 2011, our very first Christmas Party came to life and we gave love to the Payatas Kids Choir.

For this year, we are again raising funds for our next projects! Please welcome back our Love shirts! We had a photoshoot yesterday with 3 of our college friends, Kenneth, Kristine and Ranel @ UP Diliman and this photo is just a sneak peak of the said shoot.

We shot more than 300 pictures! It is sure fun modelling for a cause and for love right?

If you’re interested please, please like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Give-Love-On-Christmas-Day/197664336988689 and check our website http://giveloveonchristmasday.weebly.com 


Time flies when you're making change. - Ian S.

And now I am quoting not Damon Salvatore but Ian Somerhalder himself. It’s not ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. It’s now ‘time flies when you’re making change’.

We started in the year 2010, not far too long ago, as a very simple outreach project. Now we are evolving and expanding our horizons, meeting new people and witnessing more of God’s love.

Today is the day for the Give Love on Christmas Day 2012! I am not nervous at all. I am deeply excited to meet with the volunteers and get to know and spread love with our target recipients. 

The Lord has been very good to me and my heart is filled with so much joy. Today, I’ll be spreading this same love that I’ve been receiving everyday to our lolas in Bahay Kanlungan ni Maria Domenica!

Only a few hours left! Our gift bags and other donations are all ready but my opening speech isn’t! Lol!

I will be posting pictures of the event soon!


Buy Love, Wear Love, Give Love!

At long last, I have finished the Give Love Catalogue/Magazine, our fund raising project for the Give Love on Christmas Day Group’s charitable events!

Please share!

Open publication - Free publishing - More charity

Thanks to our models, Kristine, Ranel and Methz! Help us raise funds! Buy one now and share this with your friends! Visit http://giveloveonchristmasday.weebly.com/love-shirt.html

Maraming salamat! :)