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Friendly reminder

Promptsinpanem is in its THIRD ROUND. It has always been and always WILL BE Everlark-centered. Like it or not, a good chunk of people in this fandom ship Everlark; no one is obligated to create challenges for pairings they don’t care about.

Don’t like it? Don’t participate. Whatever you think of her personally, Jessa deserves respect as a human being and fellow tumblr user and writer; she’s running this by herself now, has spent hours crafting this challenge (all three times!), designing flawless graphics, writing prompts, finding visuals, etc., just because she enjoys this pairing, this fandom, and the stories this challenge generates. Jessa has been nothing but respectful during other recent challenges/exchanges, has not expressed any unnecessary, dissenting opinions about them to be publicly reblogged and “liked” and commented on, which, despite you thinking you’re just opening a friendly dialogue, only serve to hurt the creator and incite tensions among the rest of the fandom.

People are flipping the fuck out over Isayama saying he made Levi look like Hiei so he would be popular with fujoshi/and popular in general when he’s literally said that Eren was a plot device and Mikasa is a moeblob before so at this point why take anything he says seriously anymore.

So, a letter written by Richard III on March 2, 1485 (exactly two weeks before Anne Neville died!!) has been located detailing how he “wanted the 100 priests at the new foundation [at York Minster] to use their prayers to make him ‘more acceptable to God and his saints’.” Really interesting and hopefully the real article from BBC History Magazine or a complete translation is published online as well.

((OMG you can still see the markings for the margins… these little details are so nerdy and I love them :D Also, damn that pretty handwriting. Richard you were King of fine ass handwriting.))

Loving all these new 15th century discoveries. I hope that next someone locates a detailed diary of Anne Neville’s life written in her own hand… I will sit quietly and wait [forever].