GINTOKI: This is good. I’m sick of seeing that cowardly face. This is convenient. If the Shinesengumi’s gonna disappear, then you can disappear with them. I’ll send you to your grave.

TOSHI: No way! I’m not going!

GINTOKI: I wasn’t talking to you! Hey, are you listening? Are you? Don’t retreat and shove your problems onto other people! Are you the type that asks things of others? Are you the type that shoves the fate of your Shinsengumi onto someone else?

If you’re going to die, die while swinging your sword along side the things that are important to you! That’s who you are!

TOSHIRO: That hurts… I told you, that hurts!


A Sword That Cuts Through Crime and Sin

Thanks to Gin’s words of encouragement, and the resonance of her father’s words, Asaemon’s eyes are open to the truth as she cuts them all down in one go.

Even Gin looks chilled to the bone at the sight of her in flight as she unsheathed her sword.

She truly is a shinigami to have scared him that much. XD

((A wonderful new addition to an already big cast of amazing women in Sorachi’s series. X3))

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We break the news about the Gintama English dub cast. Really that is about all we talk about. That and some other news that we were late on. Honestly, we had a better segment planned but we decided to scrap it for another episode. That was a terrible idea.

I don't believe the whole thing about Gintama ending.

Because I mean, I saw the preview to next week’s episode, and it is the start of the Kintoki arc, so I doubt they’ll just end it there ._. Maybe it’s something related with April’s fools day? :_D

In any case, if it is true and it does end… I will be very depressed.