recently opened:

Stay in Love
 curated by Chris Sharp
Lisa Cooley Gallery, 107 Norfolk St., NYC
presented in collaboration with Laurel Gitlen, New York

Stay in Love is an exhibition about monomania and manual repetition. Bringing together a heterogeneous group of historical, established and emerging artists, this show elegiacally explores the classical, paradox-laden trope of manual repetition and devotion to a single subject in the 21st century. True to the obsolescent nature of its theme, Stay in Love deliberately limits itself to a manual and analogue processes of repetition. - thru Feb 2

Artists: Lucas Arruda (pictured, top), Bernd and Hilla Becher, Wallace Berman, Sebastian Black, Andy Boot, André Cadere, Hanne Darboven, Tacita Dean, Peter Dreher, Maureen Gallace, Jef Geys, On Kawara, Yayoi Kusama, Jochen Lempert, Jean-Luc Moulène, Linda Fregni Nagler (pictured, middle images), Roman Opalka (pictured, bottom), Josh Smith, Kyle Thurman, Miroslav Tichý, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Claude Viallat, B. Wurtz

Fitzroy Gallery shows artists including Colby Bird, Sean Dack and Kianja Strobert. In a phone interview, director Maureen Sarro told A.i.A. that the gallery is relocating to 195 Chrystie St., on the Lower East Side. Fitzroy will more than double its exhibition space, to 4,000 square feet over two floors. A show by Gibb Slife, “Thick as a Brick,” opening Sept. 15, will inaugurate the new venue.

Laurel Gitlen is also moving her eponymous gallery and expects to take up residence in her new space at 122 Norfolk St. in October.

Horton Gallery, currently in Chelsea, announced this month that it will expand to a 2,100-square-foot space at 55-59 Chrystie St. on the Lower East Side. Horton will take over the facility from Canada Gallery, which will move to 333 Broome St., perhaps as early as November.

Alex Zachary Peter Currie, which has been operating at 16 East 77th St. since January 2010, has reported it will move. The gallery has received favorable notices for shows including Ken Okiishi and Jordan Wolfson. No new location has been announced.

This is good. Dolphins are having a moment again. Seen in the past week in NYC: Jeff Koons’ Dolphin pieces hanging in the Seagram Building lobby; Jeff Koons’ Dolphin pieces at the Whitney; and a room full of floating inflatable dolphins by Annisa Mack at Laurel Gitlen (as seen in this post). And let’s not forget just released Dolphin Tales 2 screening at your local theater. I see a Flipper revival on the horizon.

Laurel Gitlen

Anissa Mack at Laurel Gitlen Gallery

A low sound of waves and chirping is a subtle accompaniment to Anissa Mack’s clusters of helium dolphins; this hint of ‘real’ nature sharply contrasts the balloons’ reference to theme parks and carnivals and adds a little whimsy and wonder to mass produced inflatables. (At Laurel Gitlen Gallery on the Lower East Side through October 19th).

Anissa Mack, installation view of ‘Deep, Deep Pepsi’ at Laurel Gitlen Gallery, Sept 2014.