Gitrob is a command line tool that can help organizations and security professionals find… sensitive information [in Github repositories].

The tool will iterate over all public organization and member repositories and match filenames against a range of patterns for files, that typically contain sensitive or dangerous information.


This video is awesome and it’s not enough of a thing. FRC comminity, make it a thing!

More New Website Updates

If you didn’t see our last post, we’re still hard at work on our new open source website! We’ve just landed a redesigned “burndown” chart so you can see our progress as we work on the next release of elementary OS. Check out the new “Get Involved” page here.

Don’t forget that you can file issues about the site here. And if you’ve got some web development skills, you can fork us on Github! :)

Closed [LabDocs] Printer set-up?

Printer set-up?
By sr320
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Are there any instructions online on how to set-up the Brother Printer? I tried the IP method and only got blank pages..

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January 29, 2015 at 12:35PM
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My first "real" program-UPSwakeup

So I recently got a CyberPower UPS, and I wanted to have the PC take a certain action on return of power to the UPS after a blackout. Neither PowerPanel Personal or PowerPanel Business offered this, so I ended up using PowerPanel Business and modifying in its program directory to run this python script I wrote.

This script includes a script that gets run at shutdown only when its because fo the UPS, and one that runs every time at startup. The shutdown script makes a file, the startup one checks for it and runs a script if its there. Pretty simple, but no program seemed to offer this natively, and I wanted to use Wake On LAN after blackouts to make everything turn on again all by itself. I looked into NUT, but I didn’t want to have to write a script for that when PowerPanel Business was so easy to “fix”.

TL;DR If you have a UPS, and you wanna make a Linux machine run a script when it returns from a power outage shutdown, I saved your bacon!

You can find this script on GitHub with an auto installer here:

UPSwakeup GitHub repo

Let me know if you guys use it, I wanna know how it works out. I can add features if you guys would like, I was considering making a system to build auto installers for servers for large deployments, but I don’t know if its worth itif nobody will use it. Send me mail about it! I like mail!

Our New Website is Coming Together

As you may or may not already know, we’ve started work on a brand new website. It’s being built from the ground up with mobile in mind and it’s fully open source. Check it out here.

Just recently we’ve landed an initial implementation of payments (greatly inspired by Humble Indie Bundle), the first steps of our installation guide, and a little streamlining with regards to selecting a download.

If you’ve got web dev chops or you just want to report an issue with the site, feel free to come on over to our GitHub page. Don’t forget to read through the issues list. We love pull requests!

A simple, in-browser, Markdown-driven slideshow tool

  • Markdown formatting, with smart extensions
  • Presenter mode, with cloned slideshow view
  • Syntax highlighting, supporting a range of languages
  • Slide scaling, thus similar appearance on all devices / resolutions
  • Touch support for smart phones and pads, i.e. swipe to navigate slides
Closed [fish546-2015] Embed HTML (fastqc report) in IPython notebook?

Embed HTML (fastqc report) in IPython notebook?
By kubu4
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I see that Jay managed to do this, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Could someone glance at my notebook (scroll to the bottom) and see if they have any thoughts on what I’m doing incorrectly? I’d definitely appreciate it. I’ve even tried the full, absolute path for my HTML file, but I still get the “404 Not Found” error.


January 27, 2015 at 09:04AM
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This Just In India Blocks Github major open source dev website!

It is rumored that India has just made a hugely surprising and controversial decision to block the website Github!This is hugely significant because github is one of the biggest and mod important contributing factors and websites to the open source,linux,unix,development and security projects.

What is more troubling is Github hosts a lot of projects,tools and accounts belonging to people in India and India is one of the largest  contributing countries to github and the open source community.

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OS X StatusBar app to help you remember to contribute every day on Github

It shows a graph of your last month commits and how long is your current streak. Its icon also turns red if you haven’t committed today yet, and by the end of the afternoon it’ll remind you once, in case you still haven’t committed.

I know I know, I promised this about a month ago.

I know there’s been a lot of radio silence this past month, but all is well. 

I have now opened the browser to the public (you must have some knowledge of NodeJS to run it for now) 

If you wish to take a look, and possibly help heres the link to the git repository!