County-level data showing military equipment given to state and local law enforcement agencies through the Defense Department’s 1033 program. The data was received from the Defense Department in May 2014 as an Excel file, and includes transfers since 2006.

Want to know if your county has a crap-ton of military surplus gear? Check out this FOIA-extracted database on Github.


I am very happy to announce the release of the Simple Webcomic Theme V4. I am especially happy to say that it has even been officially accepted into the tumblr theme garden!

After more than 2 months of work, I have ironed out all the creases of my first two attempts. I have added more customisation features, improved social aspects, and made it mobile-friendly to boot.

Getting to the finish line was rather hard, so I would like to thank the helping hands of Zirta, Johnathan Bigelow, and Kamaleshwar BN. A big thanks goes to Yale Stewart, whose JL8 artwork on the example site really brings it to life.

You can install it from:
You can see the example site here:
You can find the GitHub repository here: geoneo1/SimpleWebcomicTheme

A final note: I will be leaving the previous two versions live as they have lots of active installs. But if you are using an old version, please, please switch to the new theme. It’s much better in every way, honest. And I am more than a little embarrassed of my original code, so the less I see of it, the happier my conscious will be.

Thank you.

Facebook without the News Feed

Facebook is an important communication tool to me. Most of my fellow students don’t use iMessage or Twitter DMs, so we talk on Facebook. However, I seem not to be able to just check my messages on Facebook. Instead, I wind up scrolling through the News Feed for a couple of minutes each time I visit Facebook in the browser. I recently looked at about 30 News Feed posts in detail and discovered these three things:

  • I didn’t care about any of the posts that described activities on Facebook. It doesn’t matter to me if $friend changed their profile picture or liked someone else’s status update.
  • I was interested in two link posts but I had already seen the exact same links on Twitter hours earlier.
  • People tend to create albums of mediocre photos on Facebook while they only post their best on Instagram. Many of my Facebook friends have Instagram accounts and I already follow the ones I’m interested in.

I concluded that I don’t need to read the News Feed, so I wrote a custom stylesheet that hides it. This is the result:

I’ve been using “Quiet Facebook” for a week now and I’m happy with it, so I put the CSS on GitHub. I just embed the stylesheet via Safari’s settings but someone could certainly build browser extensions that load the stylesheet from and toggle it when the user clicks a button. Feel free to submit pull requests (or suggest a better name for the whole thing)!

Comments on Hacker News

Update May 24: Chrome and Firefox users can install the stylesheet via, using the Stylish extension. Safari users: Download the CSS from GitHub, open Safari Preferences, Advanced, select downloaded file in Style sheet dropdown.

[social sandbox] one fish, two fish, reddit fish, blue fish

Hello everyone,


Kate Parkinson-Morgan (twitter) joins us. Her intro post on Tumblr is here. Welcome Kate!


Former NPR employee Jeremy Bowers often posts recipes on Github. Are you working on a story or series or show that the open source community should know about? It’d be interesting to try posting it on Github — or to create a repository on Github of stories that may be of interest to that community. Intrigued by this idea? Email me. 


Wright Bryan sends along this Verge article. An excerpt

"Reddit wants to be a techno-libertarian’s wet dream, but in practice it’s a weak feudal system that’s actually run by a small group of angry warlords who use "free speech" as a weapon. Reddit is mostly a nice place filled with nice people who run nice little communities, but there’s virtually nothing keeping them safe from bullies like “John,” a 33-year-old man who brazenly dispersed stolen private photos and then cried foul when The Washington Post published information about him. Reddit’s government is more interested in protecting John than the women he harassed.”


Wright also sends along this Recode article about Facebook’s video growth. It’s serving up a billion video views a day. Buzzfeed had 130 million Facebook video views in June. That percentage increased 130 percent from June to July and 200 percent from July to August.


This is intriguing. The Guardian is letting folks become members  It’s an event-based model. This is really smart. If members receive a discount for events, then they’ll likely pay the cost of a newspaper subscription (or more), feel like they’re connected to The Guardian, feel like they’re contributing to something bigger, and meet other people like them. 


Kerri Hoffman at PRX write about ways to monetize and grow your podcast, over at Transom. 


I thought it was very interesting that Alex Blumberg submitted his new podcast Startup to Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a site that features new startups. I think it’s smart for Alex to post here — because his podcast is about startups, he went where his audience could very well be. 


You can now encrypt messages in Kim Kardashian images


Violence in various hockey leagues estimated as the number of fights per game.

Data source:

Code source:

Disclaimer: I made this graph for my own amusement and for learning new plotting methods. Do not consider it a reliable source of information. Refer directly to the data source for more information regarding the data collection method. 

Extending Reporter

It’s been nearly 6 months since the release of Reporter. We’ve been thrilled by the response so far and are working hard to ensure that Reporter adds the features you’ve been requesting. We are currently integrating iCloud backups and preparing for the release of iOS 8.

One of the most exciting developments has been watching the ways in which our users are weaving Reporter into their code. Below is a list of projects we found on GitHub that integrate Reporter:

Source code (:

Here are a few codes that I use/used on my blog:

I hope you all enjoy this (:

Since I did not invest too many time maintaining the code, there can be some ugly stuff there. If any questions, just ask.

I may improve the code soon with some bug fix or at least comments on the code =D


Decided to move to github based on rooster’s recommendation. Spent the day learning about it and getting stuff migrated. It is indeed a better platform than what Tumblr has to offer. Anyways, the new units guide is here.

The current guide hosted on tumblr will be removed when the android fan app is switched over. In the mean time, it shld work as per designed with some bugs in filtering Japan / Global units.

Testare il vostro codice D3 con jsFiddle con file JSON, CSV, TSV presenti su GitHubHow to test your D3 examples with jsFiddle using JSON, CSV, TSV files in GitHub

Testare il vostro codice D3 con jsFiddle con file JSON, CSV, TSV presenti su GitHubHow to test your D3 examples with jsFiddle using JSON, CSV, TSV files in GitHub


Ultimamente mi capita sempre più spesso di dover proporre un ambiente di sviluppo dove poter testare facilmente il codice Javascript necessario a produrre grafici e rappresentazione di dati. Personalmente faccio uso di Aptana IDE come ambiente di sviluppo e utilizzo WAMP (for Windows) e LAMP (for Linux).. Però generalmente durante i vari tutorial, articoli e presentazioni preferisco…

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Biblioteca de Manipulação de arquivos CSV

Boa tarde galera,

Então, diversas vezes enfrentei problemas com manipulação de arquivos CSV (Comma Separated Values) porque sempre que me solicitavam esta função em meu serviço ou até em projetos freela eu fica sempre desenvolvendo uma classe aqui e outra ali, todas parecidas mas nunca algo padronizado, como dessa vez me solicitaram e a ultima que eu havia feito havia alguns bugs para o tipo de função solicitada resolvi desenvolver uma classe bem ampla com uma grande facilidade de implementação e fui em frente, desenvolvi a biblioteca e agora terminei, deixo pra vocês abaixo o código hospedado no GitHub para quem quiser utilizar ou até mesmo contribuir com novas implementações e/ou correções.

Qualquer duvida só entrar em contato!

Um forte abraço,
e que a força esteja com vocês!

28/08/2012 - Observações:

Esbarrei em um problema de compatibilidade com versões do PHP, usando versão 5.3+ o script funcionará normalmente, caso utilize uma versão inferior, favor remover os parâmetros $escape dos metodos read() e readln() da lib e do Reader da lib e de suas interfaces para o correto funcionamento.

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