Team OLD does M.I.S.H.A.

Today is the aftermath of M.I.S.H.A. or the Mini International Scavenger Hunt of Abnosomeness. A few of us from Team OLD participated on Team KaleFighters. It was really a great time. Truly well organized. A huge thank you to the organizers and everyone who participated. Thank you fellow KaleFighters for letting us in on the fun! <3

We thought we would share a some of our entries.

2. Hug a chicken. (img) 20 pts

28. Recreate a scene from a movie using only popcorn. Small support items such as toothpicks are allowed. (img) 35 pts

9. Create haute couture (that’s fancy clothes) for a stuffed animal. Present it on the runway to an audience. (img) 30 pts

29. GISHWHES/MISHA body art! (no it does not need to be permanent.) 25 pts

30. Show us the next GISHWHES mascot. (img) 20 pts

24. If you could be any historical figure, who would you be? (img) 20 pts

6. Comic strip with Misha (the Overlord) as a stick person. (img) 30 pts

38. Find someone wearing a Hawaiian style shirt - or any shirt baring some completely random and silly image - such as unicorns farting rainbows, Nyan Cat, etc - Have them hold something with D[backward 2]N on it. (img) 45 pts

5. Dryer lint in the shape of a dinosaur. (img) 20 pts

32. Create a bucket list and share it with us. (img) 15 pts *

8. Post online or mail a thank-you note (or similar letter of appreciation) to the invisible supporters of our fandoms —the writers, crew, and other people that enable us to enjoy these movies and TV shows. (img) 20 pts *

41. Spell out one of the following words: MISHA, GISHWHES, abnosome, “be kind”, or “carry on” using single letters… and each letter must originate from a different picture. (For example, the O from a picture of a stop sign… etc.) These must be original pictures. 25 pts

58. Recite the alphabet backward while upside down. (vid) 30 pts

47. Capture two mimes “talking” to one another about their bad day. (vid) 35 pts

  • Misha Voice mail
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Okay….just received my gishwhes voice mail this morning.

I asked Misha to sing Sheldon’s Soft kitty song from The Big Bang Theory.

And he gave me this…..I fell off the bed when I finished downloading and hit play,like, really. Lmao.

Lyrics:  Soft cassie,warm cassie, little balls of souls. Happy cassie, sleepy cassie,pur,pur,pur.

Someone asked for a picture of the tattoo Misha drew on me- so here it is, and here’s the story.

At Dallas Con in 2013, I decided to go out on a limb and ask Misha to draw on me. I have lots of scars on this arm, and I wanted to cover them up with something that would be uplifting.

So at the cocktail party, I brought a Sharpie and asked the girls at my table if it would be okay if I asked Misha to do this; they were awesome in that they not only didn’t mind, but they asked Misha for me before I could even get the words out.

Misha said he’d do it, and I sat beside him and offered my arm, though it was too dark to see the scars. I threw the idea out there of him drawing angel wings and…he started drawing a fish. I was pretty confused till he added the wings and halo and deemed it an “angelfish”. I went and got the tattoo the next day, so it was pretty much exact.

So this year, I wanted so badly to thank him that I decided to go for the meet and greet, and I actually won a spot. When he saw the tattoo, he actually held my arm to get a closer look, and said it was awesome. :D I got to not only say thank you, but also explain why I asked him to do the drawing in the first place- to which he responded with a very tight hug.

So yeah, that’s the whole story. And it worked- every time I glance at my arm, I don’t think of the scars. I think of random acts of kindness, I think of the wonderful insanity of GISHWHES, and it reminds me to be a better person and gives me strength.

Plus, I always laugh when I think about the fact that I have an awful pun tattooed on my arm. :P

Misha Collins talking to a bird, in Los Angeles. [x]

Misha Collins talking to a goat, in Haiti.

Misha Collins talking to small deers. [x]

Misha Collins talking to a coyote. [x]

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Misha VM
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So I ummed & ahh’d about whether or not to post this publically, and eventually have decided yep, I will. So here’s my GISHWHES vm from Misha, and I absolutely love it because it is just so sweet & lovely and calming. It’s not what I expected at all (I don’t really know what I expected, tbh), but this is probably better.

  • Me in my head:Misha and his work with GISHWHES, Random Acts, and other projects - as well has his creatively crafted social media presence - never fails to amaze me. He's one incredibly generous and resourceful and wondrously weird human being. There's something really intelligent about the honesty conveyed in his sardonic quips - especially when comprehending the magnitude this comedy default of an intentionally satiric persona that parades faux narcissism in order to emphasize self-deprecating jokes, always humbly at his expense.
  • Me on my blog:meanwhile misha
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