The first broadcast of High School Musical 2 on August 17, 2007 broke records, receiving 17.2 million viewers. This number made it, at the time, the most-watched basic-cable telecast in history (the previous record was held by an edition of ESPN’s Monday Night Football between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys on October 23, 2006, which attracted 16 million viewers), the most-watched made-for-cable movie ever (the previous record was held by TNT’s January 21, 2001 airing of Crossfire Trail, which brought in 12.5 million viewers), and the largest audience of any program on broadcast or cable in the 2007 summer television season, along with Friday nights for the past five years.

Do you ever just find a new show and you get through like half of it in a day and your thoughts just become focused on that one character and you’re just like screw math, imma think about gIRGIRGIR then try to maintain a straight face but end up like bursting a blood vessel in your eye or something?