"I would really like Oliver to value what they have and or make it known… show how much he values what they have. I think he shows how much he values Felicity as a person, but I would like to see the acknowledgement of the chemistry, if that makes sense, even if it doesn’t happen. I would like to know that - I think Felicity would like to know that she… that it’s two-sided, because I don’t think Felicity knows.”


Laura Prepon on The Queen Latifah Show 7/22/14

i wish i were making this shit up!

okay, idk if y’all remember the co-worker (not the one i discussed brando with) that actually said the letters “O-M-G” out loud but last week she offered her nickelback cd to me and she had the audacity to pull that ‘girrrrrrrl’ shit that white girls do when they get too comfortable around black women and today she has on polkadot socks with black flats and dress clothes and has a haircut like dora the explorer and i cannot stress to you all how hard it is to just not pluck her off the earth.

Night Music

So the window of my bedroom faces into  breezeway shared with two other apartment buildings (think a square covered in windows). This evening I am being treated to the phone conversation stylings of the young lady that seems to be directly across, but a floor up from me. The convo is studded with gems which I shall share as I go through some emails….

- One of her teachers has no clue what he’s doing, despite the fact he looks “like the teacher off of Boy Meets World” he is just acting smart. 

- Her Boyfriend also despite seeming be be otherwise “Ain’t shit and can’t fuck”. If she had her druthers he’d “leave a bitch alone”

After about 5 minutes of listening and ummhumm-ing it is her turn to talk again…

- The only reason she’s even dealing with school and teachers is because she must get her G.E.D. She is realizing that even “College Motherfuckers” need “a degree in fuckin fryology and shit” to get a job at McDonalds.