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Girrrlfriend, could you do one where Michael embarrasses Rigby by scolding her in public, in return making her 'try' to ignore him, but it only makes the situation worse? 😱

Kellen was the one that smoked, not Rigby. But Rigby was the one that got in trouble, not Kellen.
And that’s what’s wrong with the world.
Michael was walking with her back from school when he noticed the smell. At first, he’d thought it was just the other people walking on the sidewalk, but the farther they walked, he began to convince himself it was coming from Rigby.
“Why do you smell like cigarettes?” He finally asked.
Rigby shrugged. “Kellen was smoking.”
“During school?” The doubt in his voice was dominant.
Rigby opened and closed her mouth a few times. “We skipped last period to drive around and get junk food at the gas station by his house. But we got all the homework and stuff when we got back to school, so I didn’t miss anything.” Granted, Rigby wasn’t going to be doing any of the homework. Michael knew that.
“Rig, I don’t think you should be hanging around Kellen so much. He’s starting to become a bad influence on you.” Rigby exhaled slowly, turning her attention away from Michael. She’d heard him say this multiple times and the only thing that really kept her patient was the fact that Michael never really wanted her to stop hanging around Kellen. Besides Cassie, he was the most protective person of her in school and she really needed that. To stop hanging out with Kellen meant being an even bigger target for his sister, Trissy.
“This time I’m serious.” Michael said, turning to stand in front of Rigby. “He’s been reckless lately and he’s gonna drag you down with him. I don’t want that.”
Maybe Michael had said something after that, maybe not. Either way, Rigby stopped listening to him and continued walking down the sidewalk towards the entrance of their apartment. People had started staring when they’d suddenly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, and Rigby was not liking this attention.
She got to the door and had her hand on the handle when Michael yelled, “I just don’t want you to get arrested or worse, pregnant!”
Did he really just say that out loud?
Rigby whirled around to glare at him. “Stop talking, please, just stop.”
“How would you even support a baby? You’re still in high school! Trust me, I know how hard it is, and I don’t want to see you going through the same thing. I’m just trying to look out for you. Rig—“
“Okay, okay!” Rigby stormed back over to him. “I’ll talk to Kellen and make sure he understands that he needs to keep me out of his trouble, deal?”
Michael sighed. “Fine, deal.”
“Now, please stop shouting, people are staring.” Rigby turned and stormed into the apartment building, leaving Michael out on the sidewalk.

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anything on bo horvat or jared mccann? lol i know mccann is young but just curious

Ummm Bo tried to hook up with Tori and she said no, and he got pretty upset about the rejection. Feel like he doesn’t get rejected a lot. haha 

McCann we don’t know too much about, but he is a cutie. He might have a girrrlfriend if we’re not mistaken.