The awesome girly-bookworm​ has liveblogged Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - and it’s fantastic.

Check it out by visiting the TOD Live Blog tag on her blog, and read her thoughtful, funny comments. Be sure to view the rest of her blog too. It’s a real treat.

If you’ve done anything similar, or have written in any other way about Spielberg on your blog, let me know. I’m always keen to reblog this kinda thing.

The Vow

It’s not what you’d call manly but I quite enjoy flicks like this (The Notebook, PS I love you etc). Most movies boil down to a lovely story at the end of the day.

Rachel McAdams is always an engaging presence and Channing Tatum seems to grow less wooden with every movie. Definitely one to watch with the mrs, because you cant watch Arnie and Gangster flicks all the time. 

You could watch a lot worse.

★☠Ready Reckless♫✞<br />        Official Website

★☠Ready Reckless♫✞
        Official Website

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I’ve now started doing ‘Chick Flick’ Film Reviews. 
There is only one review up at the moment but I’ve seen like every chick flick movie ever. But now I’ve decided to watch them all again and then write 'off the top of my head’ quick reviews about the film. 
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I’m only doing it because honestly I’m a media girl and I just love watching chick flicks its my favorite film genre & I like writing reviews about them!! (Please don’t copy them!) 

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