girly things

You did what you had to
But the storm is here
And it is banging on my doors and crushing all the window panes
And all is left is me and my shadow
But I promise you
I will survive this.
I will survive the storm and I will come out of it.
But I also promise you
that once I’m out of the mess I have created for myself
I will never be the same again
I promise you that.

  • Me:wow! This thing is amazing! But you know what is my favorite thing about this thing? This cutie bby of a character! God I love them!
  • Me:*sees fan art of an old fav* oh, oh no.
  • Old fav:*drags them self out of a grave marked by a trash can as thunder claps and animals wail in the distance to mark their second coming* hey nerd
  • Me:nOt YOU AGAIN