this is their yearly tradition and nile dreads it

and then cries about it later when he’s alone



after the war, ashley teaches miranda how to be a big sister, and helps her navigate what her perfect genes couldn’t prepare her for.

the beautiful unpredictability of family, the impulsivity and joy in oriana’s laugh. her cheeks reddening in a perfect blush when oriana teases her about shepard. how to respond when ori sends her excited messages, asking for advice or gushing about a new idea.

eventually, after stumbling blocks and awkwardness and learning to trust, miranda realizes that she’s gained two sisters. they’re almost more similar to each other than either is to her, but… she thinks she prefers it that way.

WTNV July Challenge Day 21.

July 21st: Favorite friendship/brotp:

This HAS to be Dana and Cecil. Can you imagine those two together? Dana was probably nervous, but determined and Cecil was always up for a chat and then suddenly they are having a girly sleepover, Dana painting Cecil’s nails as he buries his head in a cushion, moaning, “But I can’t ask him out, Dana! He’s a scientist, and I’m just a…nobod-” And she seizes the cushion and whacks him over the head with it, claiming that before the year is out, she knows Carlos will ask him out. And, sure enough, a little while later she collects a $20 bet from all of the other interns and Cecil as she had faith that Carlos would be the one to ask him out. 

i can’t stop thinking about trans girl kindaichi help


[[A Du Couteau siblings Harrowing]]

anonymous said:

Nah man, I was thinking more like she was super girly when she was younger but realized that was bull

ooooh i gotcha right hm im gunna be honest i dont think that woulda been the case for her??? like idk i feel as though she’s been really tomboyish her whole life and probably was just ‘meh’ about girly stuff when she was younger but idk maybe someone from her childhood forced her to act girly and thats why she hates it so damn much now


[[I was going to wait for his release, but eh- why not]]


[[Some silly summer scenes

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer ♥]]


[[I was commissioned to draw a magical girl OC last week, so I was inspired to draw some magical girl mages

…With a magical boy Tuxedo Ziggs]]