I wanted to do a little advert heads-up that NEXT WEEK is going to be a very special FULL WEEK of *new* Steven Universe episodes!! ohmygoodness.

Monday - March 9 - Rose’s Scabbard
Tuesday - March 10 - The Message
Wednesday - March 11 - Political Power
Thursday - March 12 - The Return & Jail Break  <— special two-parter!
Friday - March 13 - Full Disclosure

Also of note, these are all going to air at a special time too, 5 PM EST/PST; so keep that in mind when you tune in! :D

[Image theme based on Hilary Florido’s awesome highschool AU type promo art, found (here). ]

[link to the listings with times / episode titles found (here). ]


“What I love about Louis the most is that he’s not afraid to turn it up for the red carpet. So the Louis that you see on stage or kicking a football is a completely different Louis to who you see on the red carpet. He will go out there in his double-breasted jacket and his loafers. He brings it to the red carpet, and he never ever says to me, “I don’t want to wear this”. He knows, when it comes to a red carpet, he’s gotta look sharp. And he comes and he turns it up and I cannot fault him. I love him to pieces and he’s just amazing to dress.” - Caroline Watson