Female Hockey Fans: We exist, and we are awesome

There are many different types of female hockey fans, and they are all awesome. There are many different types of male hockey fans, and we will get to that, too. I see a lot of posts that talk about female fans and I see a lot of females trying to justify themselves.

Don’t do that. If you like hockey, or sports, you do not need a reason. You do not need to argue and justify yourself for an ignorant person (because it’s not only men that criticize female fans). It does not matter why or how you became a fan. We’re all fans, aren’t we? 

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firkloever asked:

3, 19, 20

3: 3 random facts about yourself:

- I play hockey
- I love sushi
- I only date girls who like/play hockey

19: Favorite type of weather?:
- snowy B)

20: Favorite book?
- I really like the outsiders :>