I Know I'm Late, But Sheesh...


Here! Just grab it and go! xD It’s our first oneshot in a long, loooooonggg time. To make this release even sweeter, it’s from Natsume-sensei: Ouji-sama no Ryuu!!! Oneshots is one of Yuffie’s weaknesses, so we got quite a few more of them planned. And before I tune out for the night, please pass on some thanks to our joint partner, Chinkoku Revelation for their cleaning.

I’ll see you Sunday. Sweet dreams <3 



We made quite a few booboo’s in our earlier releases. We went back and made the following corrections:

  1. Count H ch. 1: The credit page had all the wrong information. (Sorry, Rei!) You would be doing our staff a great justice if you can take a little time to take note of or, even better, save this page.
  2. Ikumen Datte Koishimasu extra: One fluff page was missing T^T
  3. Sasakure Memoriaru ch. 5: Two pages missing! They weren’t included in the scans we received from our raw provider, so we didn’t even know until roy13, a kind reader, told us about it.

Our online reader and download links have been updated. We apologize for the inconveniences and will try to make less mistakes ;D Thank you all for making it possible for us to become a better scanlation team.
I’ll see you Wed~