girls generation

^Tiffany’s face doe^

Me and my best friend are kpoppers, and I’m a hardcore sone, while she is a…. half-sone, if you can call it that keke. Since I became a kpopper before her, the first girl-group she have ever seen is our baes SNSD. And she was stunned by all of their beauty, all of them. Jessica, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, Tiffany and Seohyun. She thought all of them were goddesses. And recently she have been into other girl-groups, and she told me ”I can’t help but find them all less attractive, since you showed me SNSD. SNSD slays all in term of beauty. Like they’re on a whole other level in terms of beauty. They truly are goddesses. Nobody can deny that”. And I felt so immensely proud of my babies, because, yes SNSD slays all. Period.


svnnynight 만우절이라고 너무 심한 장난 치고 그런건 아니죠?!^^ 우리 10일에 한일 동시 발매해요!! 다들 좋아했으면 좋겠다!! 이거슨 참트루!!!!ㅋㅋ 계속 스포해줄께요~ #catchGG

[Translation] You’re not joking too much for April Fools’ Day, are you?!^^ We’re releasing the Korean and Japanese versions at the same time on the 10th!! I hope you all like them!! This is so true!!!!Haha I will keep spoiling you~ #catchGG #catchmeifyoucan

Oh my god Sunny… Why so pretty?