Grade 8 students pushing for end to carding in Toronto

Meghan Sage-Wolfe and Sapphire Newman-Fogel definitely stuck out at the Toronto Police Service Board presentations earlier this month.

The pair, who both gave remarks on the board’s revised carding policy, aren’t police officers or community members who’ve experienced carding themselves.

They’re just two Grade 8 students from City View Alternative Senior School — and they’re only 13 years old.

“People of any one skin colour are not born more likely to commit crimes in our city. The Toronto Police are here to ‘serve and protect’ our community, so why are they targeting black people and contributing to a very serious divide in our city?” Newman-Fogel questioned in the pair’s deputation to the board on Thursday.

And they’re not stopping there.

The two Toronto residents are now launching a “Youth Against Carding” campaign in hopes of bringing together young people of various backgrounds — including black and brown youth — to take a stand against the controversial policing tactic.

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