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A poetry reading to end all poetry readings. One of my favorite videos ever. 

anonymous asked:

You seem like the type of girl that I could read poetry to and cook for and treat like a queen.

I can do those things for myself 😌


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Throwback Thursday: Dear Mark Grist, I'm (Still) Totally In Love with You

Throwback Thursday: I totally still have a crush on this poet. Is that weird?

This morning I found this amazing video by Mark Grist and his preference on girls:

After seeing (and swooning at) this video, I started doing some research about the poet and, holy heck, I love this guy.

Mark Grist is a former English teacher who quit to become a performance poet, but his passion still lies within the classroom.…

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It will be a Tuesday.
I’ll be tucked away in 
a coffee shop corner
pouring over Treasure Island 
and you will stride in 
with rum on your breath
and salt on your hands.

You will swing your shoes
to the beat of an elephant’s heartbeat
until you plant down firmly
in front of my caffeinated crevice
with your bullet-bitten hat
hiding your sharp eyes.

You won’t look twice
at my messy-made hair
triple pierced ear
mud-ridden boots
and dark sea-storm eyes—
you will offer your rope-worn hand and ask,
‘Wanna go on an adventure?’

—  “How I Meet My Husband” -N.M Walker
Girlhood is never frivolous in this book. It’s serious, introspective, thoughtful, grave, committed, and often pained. I suspect I connect so much with Honum’s poems in The Tulip-Flame because I was also once a serious, thoughtful girl. Even if reading poetry is not something you usually like to do, I recommend this book of lovely, heartbreaking poems.

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I reviewed Chloe Honum’s book of poems The Tulip-Flame on Coven Book Club today! Click through to read it.


'Girls Who Read'

Written and performed by Mark Grist