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Here’s a tip for girls with cramps that don’t have a heating pad:
Take an old sock (without any holes) preferably a long, thick one.
Pour uncooked rice into it
Tie the neck of the sock into a tight knot
Throw the rice filled sock into the microwave for 1:00
There ya go, a nice little heating pad.
You’re welcome!
PS: I’m currently laying on one and it’s heaven


Watch this Harvard guy try to figure out how to text a girl…

  • when he doesn't reply back:fuck boys im beautiful and i don't need him in my life because I deserve better than a fuckboy like him
  • when he finally replies:ok so our daughter will be named charlotte and our son will be named aiden and we'll live in the suburbs for maximum comfort and safety

9 Essential Teen TV Shows You Have To Watch Before You Turn 18

Teen shows can get a bad rap, but sometimes it’s justified. So many teen shows are just too glossy, full of 28-year-olds masquerading as 15-year-olds who never seem to have a hair out of place. That’s such an unfortunate reputation to have because coming of age TV shows are some of the best TV shows around, period. The good ones are honest, raw and sometimes a little too familiar for comfort.

And too often it’s the good ones–especially the ones that don’t feature ridiculously hot people–that sometimes aren’t given the love that they deserve.

But let’s try to change that. Get a new tab open and start streaming these nine teen TV shows you have to watch before you turn 18. Of course, if you’re over 18 you should totally watch them, too! But if you aren’t, don’t leave your teen years without watching some of the most formative, relatable TV shows ever.

Advice for boys

Let me just say this: If you’re interested in 2 girls tell them both. The girl who says to go for the other girl is the girl who really likes you.

If you change you’re feelings about a girl fucking tell them before they get attached.

If you’re gonna be a fuck boy dint prey on the god damn inoccent girls.

A girl who just got her heart smashed by a guy who should have done these things.

girly tips and advice

it’s summer and you need a new bathing suit, but you feel you are too big for a bikini. here’s how to get a bikini body in two really easy steps. 1) buy a bikini, and 2) wear the bikini. don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you can’t wear what you want to wear.

getting tanned skin doesn’t make you any more beautiful. instead, it can lead to sun burns and even skin cancer. if you want to look tanned, invest in ‘Dove Summer Glow- Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion’. it works really well and you won’t get damaged skin, but you will still get the tanned look you desire.

the ‘fake it until you make it’ technique works really well for a lot of people for increasing confidence, but in some cases, it can make some people feel uncomfortable, making them even more shy than before. if this is you, then just be happier being who you are and don’t try to push yourself into things you feel uncomfortable doing. just take it step by step and take it all at your own pace and you will slowly become more confident.

try tying your hair up less and when you do, try different styles as you can and will snap your hair if you continue to tie it up in the same place each day. use a small amount of oil on your hair when it is wet to help with frizz and such. also, never brush your hair wet! but, if you are like me and you have really curly hair, make sure you put in an oil, a leave in conditioner and only brush it with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. don’t think you need to buy expensive products, because you don’t. i find that often, the cheaper stuff can work better.

toilet paper works just as well as special absorbing papers for oily noses and/or faces. so if you’re in public and you start to feel oily, just run to the bathroom and you will be good to go. sounds a little gross, but just make sure you don’t use the first square of toilet paper as others may have torn it with their hands and left oils or worse on there…

if you get hungry really often, try drinking some water instead of getting your hands on a packet of chips. also, before each meal, have a glass of water, it helps to fill you up and then you won’t eat too much. never finish a meal if you feel too full, unless you need to in order to be polite. only eat as much as you can without feeling sick.

i hope this post was helpful to you. you do not have to abide by the advice I have given. you are your own person and you do not have to change for anyone. message me for more advice if you want some x x

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How do you get guys to notice you?

I don’t try, it kinda just happens. I have a boyfriend so that’s not something I worry about. But I can try and give you some pointers!

  • Guys are very visual. If they see something they like you will more than likely find out. (keep a look out for any signals he sends)
  • you need to play it safe and be discreet about your intentions.
  • show him your best side/qualities but never appear to be overbearing.
  • be fun and alive!
  • SMILE: girls/women who smile have a much higher chance of getting approached.
  • Don’t over think a thing! That is when you end up trying too hard or think he’s not into you & if he’s not, fuck him. NEXT
How does a 7 approach a near perfect 10?

So I walk by this gorgeous Mulatto girl every once in a while. There’s only one more day of classes in which I may pass by her, so I need to try to spark up a convo if I see her otherwise I’ll be kicking myself for months.

How does someone like me go about doing that in passing on campus? Like “yo Uhh so I pass you sometimes and you’re gorgeous. I know you’re probably headed to class, but I’d love to get to know you over lunch or something. LET ME GET DEM DIGITS!!!??”

Like idk it just seems so awkward and creepy to stop someone for the sole purpose of telling her she’s perfect and you’d love to get to know her hahaha.

You can see what I look like on my page if that helps, since I know a general rule is “if you look creepy, it doesn’t matter what you say.”

15 Important Pieces Of Life Advice Every Girl Needs To Read Right Now

Every once in a while, I stumble across an Ask Reddit thread that just gives me life. This time, it happened when I was looking at the Ask Women site. I found a thread that was just older women giving young girls important advice. Is this something new that’s never happened before? No, of course not. But just scrolling through quickly, I could tell that the advice was really wonderful.

It’s hard to be a young woman in this day and age, because we get mixed messages from the media and from people around us. Be yourself! No, be like this. Be whatever weight you want! But pay attention to all these movies and TV shows where everyone is a size 2. Never settle for a dude! But don’t be alone forever. Ugh, it’s so confusing. Luckily, advice like this helps and makes you feel better. Here are15 important pieces of life advice every girl needs to read right now.

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I used to talk to this guy so so much, we had a little thing going on. We haven't talked to each other in a month but apparently he still likes me but has given up. The reason I never messaged him again is because I was 99.9% sure he got a girlfriend but apparently that is not sure. I miss him. I miss him so so much. We really have only known each other well for 4 months but I really do miss him. I'm still not sure if he got a gf, but I don't know what to do now. I can't stop thinking about him.

Maybe you should talk to the guy to get your feelings off your chest? You never know, maybe he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he’s been feeling the same way you do? Or even if he doesn’t like you back anymore or does have a girlfriend, at least you would know that so you can start to think about moving on instead. I don’t think you’ve got anything to lose by letting him know how you feel and why you didn’t tell him earlier :)

Good luck <3

xx Tash