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Hehehehehehe "steampoweredcupcake"

yeah man i only got into tumblr in the first place because it was full of the only people who would talk about steam powered giraffe with me

but now like

now its evolved 


I’ll say here what I said in the comments:

GameTrailers, IGN? Those seem kinda out of place considering this is “youtube reviewers.” Could have been a place for people like LGR. Someone very underrated and not even on the honorable mentions on this.


And his videos are a hybrid of review and let’s play? Really? REALLY?

If anything, TB’s videos are more like that, though he’d probably shank me for saying such a thing. :P (I love you, TB)

#tbt to all of the amazing animals I got to see and even interact with. All different species of lions, tigers, bears, oh my, marsupials, primates, jaguars, goats, camels, giraffes, pigs, birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc. If you ever get a chance to go to Zoo World in PCB take it, especially if you love animals as much as I do!


Take a look at this condensed 2 hour time-lapse of Isabella Bennett putting on Rabbit’s makeup!

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11, 22, 37, and 47!!


11. Any songs bring back happy memories? 

well ‘hearts like ours’ by the naked and famous is something i listened to a lot last summer when i was biking home at night so i associate it with like, the air cooling down a little and sunset colors and listening to it now even in winter brings back that same freeing summer feeling so i like that.

22. A concert you really want to see? 

i would loooove to see florence + the machine in concert, or steam powered giraffe.

37. Any band you thought you wouldn’t like, but did once you gave it a chance?

ummm taylor swift honestly? i feel like that makes me sound really lame but i used to have such huge internal misogyny regarding her and then i really listened to her music and pulled my head out of my ass so

47. Would you still like a band if you didn’t like the people behind the music?

it depends on how much i like the music.