you know what, we should all just live in one huge ass house and then it’s like polygamy galore and plus we’ll have a rich ass hockey home and we could have things like a theater and bar and sauna and hockey memorabilia

Dear friends

I feel like work has put me into a disconnect. Can we like, get together and talk again? Even if just for a bit? Either on text messages, skype, snapchat, or on here via inbox?

I feel like I know nothing about what all is going on in my loved ones’ lives thanks to not being able to be 100% social anymore.

And it kina makes me scared that my friends are gonna poof away because of this really shitty job.

So yeah. Hello?

(not tagging Niky cause we both tend to be the ones talking to each other)

gir0uxsalem replied to your post: I placed a hair tie on my cat’s ear lemme tell you…

i put a bangle on my cat’s head and i don’t even think she noticed

My cat was sitting next to me on my bed and I was like.

I have a hair tie.

So I place it around his ear and his ear started twitching and he growled at it and knocked it off.  It was adorable. Then he tried to eat it and I was like “No Mackie stop.”

I feel like a horrible person because I found it so funny.