Right Here, Right Now (Official Video)


My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio.

The living legend Giorgio Moroder revealed the site “Popjustice” that will work with Lady Gaga on her next album. According to the producer, they should have gone to the studio for a week, but Giorgio fell ill.

He also stated that she can even participate in his new job, saying that perhaps convince to have one of the songs on it.

The producer also worked in producing the album Random Access Memories, the duo Daft Punk and lent their name and history for one of the songs.

How about Lady Gaga?

I was supposed to be in the studio with her a week ago, but I got a cold. I’ll see her when I’m back. I have about five or six tracks, just basic ideas. Drums, keyboard, bass. I’m going to be surprised, I think – I don’t have a clue about the way she’s recording. Will she play the piano? Will I?

So did she call you and say, “I want something that sounds like…”

No. I met her about two years ago. She loved me – the usual! (Laughs) And I did a remix for her last year – I did two versions and she took the more traditional of the two. 

Are these sessions for her album, or yours?

This is for her new album – that’s the intention. I was hoping that maybe I can convince her to have one of the songs for my album. If I could convince her, well that would be incredible. (Britney Spears has a feature on his album)

From what I’ve seen of her she can be quite spontaneous – if the mood takes her to do something fun, she’ll do it.

Maybe! Maybe. If I have a good track that could fit my album but not necessarily hers, that could be ideal.


Giorgio Moroder & Kylie Minogue - Right Here, Right Now [Official Music Video]

Right Here, Right Now ft. Kylie Minogue
  • Right Here, Right Now ft. Kylie Minogue
  • Giorgio Moroder
  • 74 Is the New 24

Después de haber sido anunciada tiempo atrás la colaboración de Kylie Minogue con el señor Giorgio Moroder hoy, el productor y compositor musical lanza ‘Right Here, Right Now’, perteneciente a su próximo disco “74 Is the New 24” donde podemos escuchar la compañía vocal de la cantante australiana.