Small bites for small, sophisticated people: Mamezushi, or Maiko (apprentice Geisha) Sushi, at Mametora in Gion, Kyoto featuring Squid encased in Kelp, Red Perilla-wrapped Tofu, Mackerel Oshizushi (pressed sushi), Bamboo shoot, pickled Tuna, Masuzushi, Unagi (eel), Pickled Rape Blossoms, Butterbur, Tamago (egg), Ebi (prawn), Fried Bean Curd stuffed with Japanese vinagared rice. 

Mamezushi is so named because of the small, sophisticated lips painted onto Maiko which is perfect for eating this small, dainty sushi. This particular type of sushi is served in Gion, specially in a restaurant we went to called Mametora, and although my mouth is neither small nor is my eating sophisticated, it was a jewel-like feast for the eyes as well as for my stomach.