ginpu said:

Why you no draw more Kato & Dee being cute? You should!!

There’s some cute scenes coming up in the comic when I get back to it. But yeah, I need to do more cute stand alone art of them.

Ginpu's Commission Information


Pony or Not Pony, that is the question
Price:USD 20.00 - 35.00

Your MLP or My Little Not Pony character in full color with simple cell shading and highlights.

  • Digital Pricing
  • Traditional add $2.50 for materials used
  • Single Character
  • No background
  • *Price may increase due to complexity of character


I want a commission but I don’t know of what… aka Freedom aka Anything Goes
Price:USD 9.00 - 25.00

Good news here. If you want a commission but are all out of ideas, you could let me take the reigns with some creative freedom. All I need is a reference image of the character to draw and a single word. Be it a noun or verb or adjective. 

  • Single word sketch - $9.00
  • Ink - $13.00
  • Flat color - $18.00
  • Cell shaded full color - $25.00


Price:USD 15.00

  • Color, light shading, highlights, no animation.
  • Price is for single icon. 
  • Double for couple.


Price:USD 10.00

  • Digital or Traditional
  • Single character
  • No background


Price:USD 15.00 - 25.00

  • Single Character
  • No shading or highights
  • No background
  • *Price may increase due to complexity of character


Price:USD 25.00 - 40.00

  • Single Character
  • Flat color
  • No Background
  • *Price may increase due to complexity of character


Full Color Cell Shaded
Price:USD 35.00 - 50.00

  • Single Character
  • Cell shaded and highlights
  • No background
  • *Price may increase due to complexity of character


Full Color Soft Shading
Price:USD 55.00 - 100.00

  • Single Character
  • Soft shading
  • Highlights
  • Thin outlines
  • No background
  • *Price may increase due to complexity of character

Additional Characters

  • Add 100% for each additional character


  • Super simple background add 25%
  • Simple background add 50%
  • Any background complexity over simple add 100%

Less than full body shot

  • For just a headshot, subtract 50% of the price
  • ex. Flat color headshot would cost $12.50+
  • For a bust/pinup/partial body subtract 25% of the cost
  • ex. Flat color partial would cost $18.75
  • *excludes icons and sketches


• Inquire via note

• Examples are for demonstration of style only. Please check my gallery for most recent artwork.

• I need at least ONE reference picture (more is welcome) from you so I know what I’m supposed to draw. NO REFERENCE, NO PICTURE. This means a reference picture of the character, not the human representing them. I don’t offer design work. Sorry.

• G, PG & PG13 pictures. No mature or extreme fetish pictures. This includes (but is not limited to): Growing, Transformations, Babies, Vore, Over-sizing, or Diaper work.

• No © Copyrighted characters without the written permission of the owner. You must have them contact me saying it’s ok for me to draw their character for you.

• Be familiar with my style. Do not ask for one thing and expect something else that is NOT in my style/talent.

• Keep in mind that all commissions are digital and sent over the web.

• First come, first served. I’ll only add people on the list who give me all the details I need. Like character references/information and which commission type they want.

• I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I choose to do so.

• PAYPAL only - 100% is due up front. I will provide paypal info when I am ready to begin.You will receive a maximum of 2 sketch proofs. After you approve the sketch I will finish the commission and post it, as well as send you the finished commission. 

• I will get these done as quickly as possible. Keep in mind I do have a full time job, the comic and real life responsibilities. Average turn around on commissions is 2 weeks.

• I will post your commission in my gallery after it is finished in DA, FA & Weasyl galleries.

• All shown artwork is © Michelle Walsh. All characters are © their respective owners.

Crappy phone photo of something I just made. It’s probably me in pony form. Ink on the tail end. Animation board as the mark. Design on paper always changes depending on what she thinks of but it’s always a rough skeletal sketch/shapes.

I wrote down all the pencil colors I used in their color. Maybe I used too many?


I’ve done so many sketches I finally gave up and said HERE! So here’s more or less what my miq’ote looks like on FFXIV. Ginpu Quonai on Leviathan. 

I added an earlier picture before I changed my skin color. 

I hate human noses… I kept struggling. I just gave up. XD


Some fanart of Satan from the Satan and Me comic. First I did it in the artist’s style. Then my husband said he couldn’t see any of my influence, so I did a second image in my style.

Check out the comic at

December 6th - Fave Fighting Pokemon - Meinshao

While I haven’t had the chance the use this one, I think it looks cool. My final team doesn’t have any single type pokemon. If only this one wasn’t single type, I’d have likely chosen it over Lucario. I save Lucario for steel though. 

Trivial fact - after felines, members of the weasel family are my fave animals. So only fitting I pick this one. :)


At work I decided to join MERIT. It’s a morale employee team type thing. Anyways, they wanted to announce it in the newest letter, but they know I’m shy and don’t like photos, so they asked if I had an avatar they could use instead. I realized no one at wok would understand my Gintama Ginpu icon, so I had to create something less furry. Something more human. So here’s me in my typical work get up.

All done! I go die in bed now, kay?

Gunpi Quonai!

Took longer than it should have but I was having fun. I did all the inking and flats in Manga Studio 5 on my Surface. Then got pissed at MS5 because I can’t shade the way I want, so I hooked up my Cintiq and booted up SAI to do the shading.


December 20th - Fave Electric Rodent - Plusle & Minun

This only proves that the Pokemon style DOESN’T adapt well to any style. But I’m not redoing it. 

Why these 2? Because some years ago Troy and I bought a Plusle and Minun beanie plush. We put them in our cars then. They are still in them. Minun in his and Plusle in mine.

So today Little-D brought over Dragon’s Crown. He, Cho, Troy & I played a few quests in it. He was the sorceress and named himself Bewbies. I played the amazon and named her Bigbuttz. Cho played the elf and named her Notits. Troy played the wizard and gave him the name of Xojen. (One of these things is not like the others).

We had some fun with it. Made fun of the pudding boobs and big butts. Then D said we should draw ourselves as the characters. And that’s what is happening here. XD

Ginpu is Cosplaying as the amazon, BIGBUTTZ!!

Crappy sketch is crappy. And I didn’t make her ass big enough. XD