ginoflyannucci asked:

If I was yo boyfriend i'd neva letchu go, I could take you places you aint eva been befoh(like haunted places and shit) baby take a chance or you'll neva eva know, i would kick your ass at games and leave you cryin' on the floor. SWAG SWAG SWAG ON YOU CHILLIN IN DA T-BELL WHILE WE SIPPIN MOUNTAIN DEW I DUNNO ABOUT ME, BUT I KNOW ABOUT YOU SO SAY HELLO TO DA JELLO IN 3 2 SWAG.

omg you are the best <3


SO disregard the other videos I posted, because I really really really hated them with a passion. I decided to re-record them and for valentines day, and started with Say Something by A Great Big World.

if u dig it, some likes, comments, suggestions, and rebliggityblogs would be much appreciated. :D 


Watch my friend Gino’s Say Something cover!

This is from last night after seeing lights! And is still a bad picture but he wanted one with me. And this is the only one he got without me completely covering my face. Welp this is Gino and we are officially show buddies~ He’s never been on a train before so his caption to this was me taking his train virginity. I also took his Chipotle one tehehe. He’s my Johnny Depp when he has his beard/goatee thing (which isn’t really showing here due to the lighting) 

you can all follow him here