this is my three year old cousin katelyn. she’s just like me. the way she acts, dresses, and even poses for pictures. she loves justin bieber and painting her nails. she has quite the little attitude, especially if she doesn’t like you; and she isn’t afraid to show it. she actually got in trouble because she punched a little boy in her preschool class because he took her toy. this little girl means the world to me. on some days i think my life is just horrible and i can’t go on anymore and all i want to do is end it all, but i think about her. i think about this little girl who looks up to me and loves me and i love her too. she’s probably one of the only reasons i don’t just give up. i know she needs me and i need her. i can’t wait to see her grow up. it breaks my heart knowing some of her friends are going to stab her in the back and some shit boy is going to break her heart. i never want her to have to go through any of the things i went through. i just want her to be happy and never get hurt. she has no idea what she’s in for. i love this little girl with all my heart and i hope she knows it <3