gingerchildren replied to your video: Nicest Thing - Kate Nash I’m on a roll with this…

I can’t listen to Kate Nash anymore because a boy told me I was his Kate Nash until Kate Nash came along and then he dumped me a month later :(

UGH. The worst. I couldn’t listen to her or this song at all for a long fucking time following that one yoga class. Hopefully one day you get to a point where you can enjoy her again.

Also, I have GOT to stop relating music to people/situations/etc because I keep losing music I love over it! Like, “welp I can never listen to this song that I fucking love to pieces anymore because it makes me think of your stupid fucking face” type stuff. Fuck our lives.

gingerchildren-deactivated20130 said:

Where can I buy this


DISCLAIMER: I really don’t mind this question per se, but considering how often I get this question on every form of social media, it’s become an inside joke amongst my friends. Anyway, feel free to check the source links/captions/tags on my posts before asking this question - the answers to your inquiries can usually be found there :)

And if for some reason I didn’t list any source info, I probably got it on ebay~