Create a charm bag to lift your spirits. This is a highly personal spell, so substitutions are welcomed.


  • An empty charm bag (don’t re-use an old one; sew a new one out of thrift store fabric)
  • Rose quartz
  • Clear quartz
  • Dried lemon peel
  • Dried ginger

Substitute the botanicals for items that bring you happiness. Lemons make me happy because I love their smell and their bright, cheery color. I like ginger because it really ‘warms me up’ and brings a bit of fire to my step. Include any other items that are dear to you, including affirmations of happiness and well-being.

Ensure all the items, including the charm bag, are gently cleansed of all negativity. Make sure you don’t erase the natural vibrations of the items.

If you like, decorate the charm bag with sigils that support your goal of drawing happiness.

Sit with each ingredient individually. Give it energy and tell it what you want from it. Speak about why you chose it for your bag. Ask it to bring you joy and happiness. Place it in the bag. Continue this for all items.

The crystal quartz is to help radiate the energy of the bag outwards so you can feel it. However, you may not be able to actively feel it unless you are adept at feeling energies. If this is the case the bag will just take effect passively. Try to get a dose of the bag’s potential by holding it and clearing your mind a bit. This may help you actively feel the happiness inside.

- Tho