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Teen Wolf writers on Gina Holden

Brook: Since you’re the editor, you might know — Gina Holden?? As far as I know Gina Holden was supposed to be in the show? 

Alyssa Clark: Yeah let me talk about that. I think I can —

Brook: Thank you! 

Alyssa: You should have asked Ian, cause Gina is a friend of Ian’s —

Natalie: This is like her, this is her Rushmore!! 

Alyssa: Ok, alright. Cause Gina was in the Wendigo episode of Supernatural I was just re-watching that episode. 

Natalie: Yeah, she’s been trying to figure out why she was credited and not there, if it’s this mystery!! 

Brook: I feel like I’m going insane. 

Alyssa: Yeah, I don’t mind telling you guys cause I think it was part of a story and it’s an interesting editing thing and I don’t think Jeff would be mad at me for telling this anyhow. In the Eichen House episode, there’s so much backstory here… But thorough a process of much discussion, it was decided that Stiles would see his mother in Eichen House. 

NATWP: YES!! That’s what we thought!!

Alyssa: And it was supposed to be not something the Nogitsune was doing. It was actually supposed to be something… Like his own psyche… It wasn’t supernatural.

Natalie: Like Allison and Eaddy. (in the threading the needle scene)

Angela Harvey: Yeah. It was like him getting a grasp on himself. 

Alyssa: Yeah! Giving him comfort and trying to understand what was happening to him. Because at the time he thought he was possibly still going through what his mother did. […] So she was written in and cast, and it was Ian’s (Stokes) friend, he worked with her before. And she’s really really nice, and she’s a great actress. And we have that footage. I cut her in. I edited her in and actually you guys can see her. When he walks in she is at a table and she looks up at him, she’s still in the background. It used to be a close up, and he kind of clocks it, but he doesn’t really know? And then in the therapy scene you can actually see people walk by Morrell in the background, and that was her and another person, and Stiles is supposed to clock her there. Then later, when the Nogitsune is taunting him about his mother, he flashes back and sees those two things and then actually…

Natalie: Puts it together…

Alyssa: Puts it together and then his mother comes up and gives him a kiss on the forehead. 

Natalie: Was there dialogue? Were they going to say it was her or are you just sort of meant to piece it together? 

Alyssa: You’re supposed to piece it together, and this is where it got confusing… Ok, so when you write stories, a lot of time… If you write a book or something, that can all be internalized and you can really explain it. Visually it’s very hard. So what we found was the Nogitsune is taunting him, his mother shows up to give him comfort, and that’s where a lot of the crying was coming in.  But what it did take away was that he was also supposed to be a hero, and he’s supposed to be saving the life of this damaged girl, this girl who he felt guilty about, Malia. And it got so cloudy. I know people are like no we wanna see Stiles’ mom!! And I get it, I totally get it and maybe someday we can play with that again. But we cut it all together, and I remember Ian coming in and watching a cut and he’s like this is really confusing. And I’m like YUP! It’s super confusing. And then Jeff and I sat one night and we’re like what do we do? You know, we have to clarify this. So we took her out. And it was hard! Because of the emotional moments — And Dylan O’Brien was very upset about that. Because he had really given a lot of performance and really thought about it, and Dylan is a pro. I mean he really thinks about this stuff. And he felt like it was missing and I don’t blame him. But when you tell stories, especially in editing, in the final stages, you have to clarify your story. We call it killing your babies, you have to. In this case it’s killing your mother. We had to do it to make it clear. 

(Source: Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Episode #62 “Rushmore” )

So I saw this picture of Gina Holden with an old article about her guest role on Teen Wolf (before it was edited out; THANKS AGAIN, JEFF) and it’s been confirmed that she was cast as Claudia Stilinski

Strawberry blonde/reddish hair and green eyes… So I’m assuming that was Claudia’s hair and eye color….. Please excuse me while I go sob in a corner somewhere .

kevinmartens100 asked:

I have a question if anyone saw Gina Holden in the last episode (Eichen House). She was in the credits but I didn't see her in the entire episode.


You’re right… She IS credited in last weeks episode!!

Honestly, we didn’t pick up on this at ALL, so now we’re going to have to do some serious digging. We do know that Meredith was played by Maya Eshet. And for those who don’t remember Gina was coming in to play a top-secret role.

But off the top of our heads we can’t think who Gina could possibly be… 

What do you guys think?? Have you spotted Gina yet??

anonymous asked:

That eye in the man's forehead. That eye...I am trying to say that I recognized that eye. It belongs to Gina Holden who played Claudia Stilinski. Creepy!

Well if that is true than all i can say is HOLY CRAP!

The color is admittedly similar, and the same goes for shape of the eye, although i feel the Valack third eye shape is slightly rounder and Gina’s iris does seem to cover more of the white area than the third eye does, but i’m certainly no eye expert and this might just be down to the pictures of Gina i used (x x)

If this is the case and with the connections i’ve been seeing between stiles and third eyes this is sort of… well, creepy is definitely the word. Not sure they would get Gina Holden in just for this unless they shot it last year… Hmmmm.

Answering Asks: Yes ok, but let's talk about Season 4

You haven’t missed anything no. Apart from Meagan confirming that Braeden would be returning for season 4 - There hasn’t been any other news or info that would suggest she’s going to be Derek’s love interest. I think the only reason people are speculating she might be the one Jeff was referring to is because they haven’t announced any new ladies in Derek’s age range (yet), and Braeden did give him a lingering LOOK when she rescued him in 3B.

But apart from that, it’s all unfounded speculation. 

I think the other podcast girls are still trying to decide what they think about her, but I (Brook) have ALL the Malia feels. I just really hope they give this character her proper due, because if given the right material, I could see myself falling for her HARD.


Dear sterekismylifeposts,

I solemnly swear to you and all of Tumblr to make it my life’s mission to find out what the deal was with Gina Holden. Because no. We still have absolutely no resolution for that query and it’s driving me INSANE.

Yup!! Executive Producer Christian Taylor confirmed she’d be returning on his episode of Wolf Watch

Yup. That’s basically exactly our thought. And Jill Wagner called her a werejaguar on twitter, and Jeff said: The patterns and spots are very specific. I won’t say what she is exactly, but she’s definitely a were creature, so I think people can look it up and probably figure things out themselves. (x

So we’re waiting for some people smarter than us to actually figure out what she is! 

Becoming a regular is a weird thing. Like, I don’t know the specifics, but I do know that there are a lot of complicated businessy reasons for why a person can or can’t get a ‘regular’ title. (Also there’s reasons for why a person wants and doesn’t want that title.) Right now Arden hasn’t been confirmed as a regular. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not going to have a major influence on the show. Remember Sharman was never made a regular and he’s been around for ages. 

I’m sorry, do you mean this video, or this one?

As of now, Sharman won’t be returning. BUT they left the door open for his character. Daniel said he’d like to return at some point later. That might mean toward the end of season 4 - Or even further out like sometime in season 5. And yes, JR will be returning!!

Freeman plays that brutal scene with the heavy breathing and wild countenance it demands, but it’s a rare burst of volume amid his understated facial guitar solo of abjection. Reaction shots have long been his foremost weapon: He pioneered the bemused camera-mugging that John Krasinski rode to a comfortable living Stateside, and his perplexed head-cocks are the Picassos of the form. But on Fargo, he’s reaching a new pinnacle of pitiful.
As Lester, 42-year-old Freeman fidgets like a five-year-old boy and shrugs his shoulders like a 78-year-old war prisoner. He is giving a master class in clenched-lip mouth-squirming. He’s simply the best at being the worst, and watching the walls close in on him is gonna be one heck of a show.

Well I think this is our explanation for Gina Holden’s mysterious appearance in the credits for Echo House. I don’t know much about how tv business works, but I think that even if a scene got cut, the actor’s name could very well remain in the credits because they DID still work for the show. But again, I’m just guessing here. I’m gonna say that Gina Holden was probably Claudia. Either way, I’m very disappointed this scene got cut and if we don’t see it somewhere, I’ll throw a fit. (Then again, there’s always that part of me that’s glad we haven’t seen Stiles mom, at the risk that seeing her back from the dead or as an apparition could be cheesy as fuck. But a flashback I could probably do.)