I didn’t realize how much I long for physical contact until today. And I don’t mean anything sexual I just mean like friendly loving gestures :)

I used to not give hugs to people cuz i thought it was awk but now a hug is the number one thing I want. I want to just lean my head or rap my arm around a girl and just stay there forever.

It’s just been to long since I’ve had a hug :/

OH also I can check off legitimately ditching a class off my bucket list, not even kidding went running out of sixth period yesterday :P

Hug deprived in Singapore

Hug deprived in #Singapore #gimmehugs #hugculture

Hugs are great! Give me hugs!!

One thing I wish was different about Singapore is that friends hugged each other more often. When I went back to the USA for 3 months earlier this year, I really like hugging friends again, either when I see them or when we’re parting ways. It isn’t a big deal, but no one does that in Singapore.

People hardly touch each other. Heck, even during rush hour in…

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