Episode Review: ‘You Forgot Your Floaties’ (S06E38)

Talk about dense! Just when you think that an episode storyboarded by Jesse Moynihan cannot get anymore convoluted and philosophically complicated… it happens. “You Forgot Your Floaties” is one of those episodes, although I’m happy to say the it is immensely enjoyable.

Finn and Jake—who are now scavengers, apparently—discover that Betty is working for Magic Man and delivering to him the helmet of Glob^4. Concerned as to why she is working with an insane Martian, the duo trail her, only to be transformed into an egg and better by Magic Man himself. He places the transmogrified heroes on a shelf with a picture of him and Margles, and the Tiny Manticore, and then walks down into his basement.

It is here, in the bowels of his home, that he has set up a device that will seemingly allow him to transmit his essence into the helmet of Glob and become the “Globhead”. Betty is assisting him, because she wants to understand how magic itself works. In her study of wizards, she has identified three components: madness, sadness, and magic. She believes that by assisting Magic Man, she will be able to crack the code and save Simon.

Finn and Jake (in their food form) attempt to stop the proceedings, but are accidentally baked into bread. Betty discovers Magic Man’s picture of Margles and takes it with her as she steps into the Globhead device, wherein she experiences a strange vision. At this point in the episode, we learn the secret of Magic Man. His wife, Margles, was erased from existence by the apparently malevolent entity GOLB (first seen in “Puhoy”). In her honor, Magic Man created M.A.R.G.L.E.S., an artificially intelligent defense system for Mars. However, something goes awry, M.A.R.G.L.E.S. falls from Olympus Mons and horrendously distorts Magic Man’s mind.

At this point, the Globhead device is destroyed by Bread-Finn-and-Jake. The vision is stopped, and Betty seems to have absorbed Magic Man’s sadness, madness, and—perhaps most importantly—magic, leaving Magic Man as a simple “normie”. Betty disappears into a wormhole, and Tiny Manticore takes Bread-Finn-and-Jake to Wizard City, in order to be ‘cured’.

Usually, my recaps don’t take longer than a few paragraphs, but this episode was dense, and for good reason. Not only did we get a follow up to the Betty saga, but we also learned a great deal about Magic Man in the process. Back in the day, he truly was a good, sane Martian, merely mourning for his late wife. Misfortune seems to have struck and ruined his life. But the ending of this episode suggests that a good (Non)Magic Man is back.

And what about Betty? She is now in ‘possession’ (if you want to call it that) of all three components of Magic. But has she gone completely crazy? It seems like it. The episode kept showing flashes of a pool with something below the surface. Near the end, it’s revealed to be a crab-Simon hybrid, who mouths silently: “You forgot your floaties.” Betty’s in too deep. She’s drowning in the madness.

Even though the episode seems fairly straightforward, it raises many questions. Why did Betty get new glasses? That was explicitly pointed out in the episode, in fact. Who is GOLB? We’ve met him before, but he seems to be an important, albeit evil, character. What is his second coming? Why did Magic Man turn Finn and Jake into an egg and dough? Why was Betty baking bread? WHAT WILL BECOME OF POOR SIMON? The questions do not stop.

I was happy to see Lena Dunham reprise her role as Betty, and it was also fun to get Gillian Jacobs on the show as Margles. The voice casting for the show gets better and better!

My only little complaint with this episode is that it lacked some of the humor that is trademark of a Moynihan special. Sure, Prismo’s “Balls!” interjection was great, and there were excellent bits and bobs here and there, but I really wanted to laugh, and this episode made me think. Curse Jesse Moynihan for making me use my brain. Of course, I kid.

Mushroom War Evidence: I guess you can count Magic Man’s house.

Final Grade: 95% – “Thematically dense but ultimately accessible, ‘You Forgot Your Floaties’ creates question after question, increasing the anticipation for eventual reveals.”

When I was younger, I was very vocal to the point of being strident in my views. When you’re a kid in elementary school, you can often feel like you’re the only woman who cares about maternity and paternity leave, so you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall…In sixth grade, we all had to write this opinion paper. Most wrote about things like why we should be able to chew gum in class—I wrote about why women should receive equal pay. So I understand Britta.


“I’ve made it my personal mission that Britta is trying to do the Troy and Abed handshake because I sit next to Danny at the table, but Britta is messing it up. That’s not scripted, and Dan may have cut every single instance of it, but that is my attempt because I have decided personally that Britta is trying to replace Troy in some ways, emotionally, for Abed. I don’t know if it will be perceptible to the human eye, but that was my secret actor intention.”
-Gillian Jacobs [x]