Designers In The Studio

Philip Crangi of Giles & Brother

Took a brief tour of the Giles & Brother studio where Philip showed me some of his latest jewelry designs. Oddly enough he was wearing a very similar outfit to the one I wore in my last post HERE. Always a style inspiration of mine, it was great to know we were on the same page with our light denim jackets, striped shirts, and stone chinos. More pics from my visit with Giles & Brother to come so stay tuned.


Man Cuffs

12 heavy-metal bracelets fit for men

You may think jewelry is just for women, but you’re wrong. Men can wear it too - you just have to know how to do it right! One of the easiest ways for guys to introduce jewelry into their everyday style is with a masculine cuff bracelet. It’s a piece you can always leave on, plus it’s comfortable and gives your style personality. When looking for cuff options, don’t go too flashy or shiny. Stick with the worn-in, rugged look - that’s always a safe choice. From David Yurman’s Royal Cord Cuff to Giles & Brother’s Railroad Spike Cuff, shop 12 of our editors’ favorite cuff bracelets of the season (they make great gifts too)!

Etched Southwestern Cuff

David Yurman Royal Cord Narrow Cuff

Classic Bracelet

“Le 21 Grammes” Bracelet

Silver Cuff Bracelet

Railroad Spike Cuff

Pounded Sterling Silver Cuff

Cause & Effect Copper Cuff

Nut & Bolt Cuff

Layered Cuff

Screw Cuff

Anatomical Cuff


Giles and Brother Spring 2013 Preview

The other day, I was invited to go to the Giles and Brother Spring 2013 preview at Philip Crangi’s studio. Nestled on the fifth floor of a chelsea building, the studio is a mixture of the iconic Giles inspirations such as leathers, rustic pieces, metals, and other hardware.

Philip told the other bloggers and I all about the brand, the new collection and that 2013 is basically Giles’ year.

Philip is a cool, stylish man. He is very knowledgeable about his trade and is really hard working. I am envious of the way he can wear layers of rings and bracelets and make it look so good!

Overall, the new mens spring collection is superb and unlike anything I have seen. Philip makes fishhooks, metal nuts, and safety pins look unbelievably chic.


Outfit: Men’s Acessorizing

Loft Livin

Last weekend I trekked out (well…okay it was more like a 10 minute drive) to Brooklyn to work on a fun little project with some friends - stay tuned! I spent the day at a gorgeous loft space in Williamsburg and I couldn’t help but notice all the fine details and elegant touches that really pulled the space together. It’s no surprise that the homeowner was an interior designer because damn she nailed the decor!

Anyway it got me thinking about my own outfit that day and why I liked it so much. It wasn’t that I was dressed to the nines, but more about the subtle details that really made the outfit stand out. I scored this killer button down that has a really unique asymmetric button pattern and chest pockets on sale for about $20 - steal! I also stacked on some really cool arm candy like this leather wrap bracelet and my spiked railroad cuff which is starting to distress really nicely with each wear. I also got to break in my new Converse’s which are starting to get all nicely scuffed up thanks to a few outings at some dive bars over the weekend and I really love the way they’re starting to look worn-in. And to top it all off my new leather backpack makes it’s blog debut! Can’t wait to see the leather age and develop some character by the end of the summer. What are some of your favorite details in the clothing and accessories you wear? Leave a comment on the blog or tweet me @closet_freaks!


Shirt by Marshall Artist (Similar)  //  Pants by Bullhead c/o PacSun  //  Shoes by Converse  //  Backpack c/o Coach  //  Eyeglasses c/o John Ruvin *$50 off your purchase until 8.24.13 with promo code closetfreaks0724** //  Wrap Bracelet c/o Coach  // Railroad Spike Cuff c/o Giles & Brother

Photos by Justin



Beachin’ It

Shirt: Hawkings McGill/ Tank-top: c/o American Eagle/ Shorts: H&M/ Shoes: Sperry/ Backpack: c/o ASOS/ Cuff: Giles & Brother/ Bracelet: Giles & Brother/ Sunglasses: c/o Spitfire/ Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Happy Monday! Two weeks into summer, and I’ve already made my first (very first) trip to Fire Island to experience the island and ultimately to get out of the city with my friend Adam. A place I now admire more than the Hamptons, for it's pristine beaches and such laid back atmosphere that I could easily escape to all summer. For my day trip all I needed was my backpack, tank-top, and sand friendly shoes times two. Fulfilling this fun shoot on the beach, and yet another to come on Wednesday. Because I couldn’t just get away without sharing one of New York’s best kept secrets. 

photographer: Adam

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Outfit: Men’s Drop Crotch Sweatpants

Mean Streets

Seriously channeling my inner ninja today in these drop crotch sweats. Say what you want about my diaper pants - but I love them! Just think of the twerking possibilities! So much extra room in your pants to shake dat cake.  I see you Miley!

I also really love the simplicity of this short sleeve collarless shirt. It’s just like this Robert Geller shirt I saw last year but like a million times less in price. I can see this being layered either over a long sleeve shirt or under a crewneck sweater - really just layered with anything #top/bot/vers, etc.

What are your thoughts on drop crotch/harem pants? Yay or nay?


Shirt by H&M  //  Pants by Zara  //  Shoes by Vans  //  Eyeglasses c/o Penn Avenue Eyewear  //  All Bracelets c/o Giles & Brother: one, two, three



Casual Vibes

Shoes: c/o Cole Haan
Jeans: c/o Big Star
Bracelet: c/o Giles & Brother
Sweater: H&M
Bag: J.Crew

In tradition with casual Friday’s, I am continuing this now that fashion week has passed and I can get away with wearing blue-jeans on the daily. Though, even on a comfortable day, all sense of style shouldn’t go out the window. Proof is that a colorful sweater can tie together an entire outfit, just as long the right contrasting pieces are included. Happy Friday! ;)



Another day, another outfit for fashion week.

Today, Made Fashion Week has a lot of their menswear shows going on so I thought I should up my #menswear game.

I layered a button down under a mock neck sweater and then added a knit tie for a pop of color. Shoes have been an issue during most of the week but that most of the snow has receded I can wear my leather high tops.


Sweater: American Eagle / Shirt: Fendi / Denim: American Eagle / Glasses: John Ruvin & Co. / Jacket: Fendi / Shoes: Ugg / Jewelry: Giles & Brother


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Photos: Hayden Werp