I just met Courtney Crangi and she gave me this Giles & Brother bracelet for no reason. One of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

OUTFIT: Men’s Double Denim
Downtown Denim

I’ve been crazy about blue lately as I’ve been mentioning quite a lot on the blog and accidentally put together another all blue outfit. This time I played with double denim in lighter shades for a nice little weekend stroll around my new neighborhood in the East Village. I dressed up my my denim a bit with a deconstructed cotton blazer and a fun duotone tie just because I can. I also took the opportunity to break in my new black wingtips. My wardrobe was seriously lacking a good pair of black shoes so this pair solved the problem pretty nicely. While walking around I finally discovered my new bagel spot, Tompkins Square Bagels, tucked nicely around the corner from my apartment. I don’t get out much or I obviously would’ve found this gem much sooner and I seriously blame delivery.com for that. Aside from that I spent the rest of the day walking around enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend. Probably one of the last since winter seems to be sneaking up again. What’s your take on double denim? Anyone feeling “the blues” as much as I’ve been lately?


Blazer by Joe Fresh  //  Shirt by Cheap Monday (Similar)  //  Tie c/o Title Of Work  //  Jeans c/o Express (Similar)  //  Shoes c/o Ecco  //  Eyeglasses c/o John Ruvin  //  Bracelet c/o Giles & Brother


Designers In The Studio
Philip Crangi of Giles & Brother

Took a brief tour of the Giles & Brother studio where Philip showed me some of his latest jewelry designs. Oddly enough he was wearing a very similar outfit to the one I wore in my last post HERE. Always a style inspiration of mine, it was great to know we were on the same page with our light denim jackets, striped shirts, and stone chinos. More pics from my visit with Giles & Brother to come so stay tuned.


I like accessories because it helps me be unique. It’s one of the few things men can customize; shoes, glasses, scarves and bracelets. Everything else is fairly standard, especially for the preppy aesthetic I like. So I change it up with my accesories! (Socks, shoelaces, bracelets, glasses, belts, ties, tie clips). Another advice is, “a little bit of color can go a long way”. || Me by @lordaleb (at Ost Cafe NYC)