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The Original Films of Frank B. Gilbreth (time and motion studies)

"Left hand of drill press operator ‘Positioning after transportation’ (this study resulted in cutting the time in halves)." Machinist with light showing hand movements, circa 1915. Collection: Frank B. Gilbreth Motion Study Photographs (1913-1917). Repository: The Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives


Frank and Lillian Gilbreth’s time and motion studies from the early twentieth century. They attached lights to people’s fingers as they performed manual tasks against a gridded background, photographed them on long exposures then made wire models of the movement of the lights and used these to inform a redesigning of the task along Taylorist lines (F.W. Taylor) to increase efficiency and minimise the amount of effort to perform a given task.


Now that I’m rolling into the 1920’s, I dug out one of my old favorites: Cheaper by the Dozen.  I LOVE THIS BOOK.  Everyone should read it.  It’s funny, thoughtful, and fascinating, and, even better, TRUE.

Please do not watch the movie.  READ THE BOOK.  TODAY.

My X List of Category Y

A list of some of the things that have “stayed with me”, according to the trend. I’m using bullets because I’m indecisive like that, it’s hard to rank. Definitely, in no particular order.

I have to fill it in with more next time because undecided or unfinished.

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