Hello, I have to write 10,000 words total for my final uni project and I’ve picked the topic of women in music - not just female performers but also you, the fans. Fancy helping me out?

If you are a music FAN, if you’re in a BAND, if you’re a MUSIC JOURNALIST - hell, if you SELL MERCH, anything in music, I want your input!

You can be a girl, you can be a guy, you can be any gender - this is inclusive of everyone and every gender, even though the project focuses on women, I just need any input on -

  • Do you think female music fans have a bad reputation? Why? (whether yes or no tell me why please)
  • Have you ever experienced a negative reaction, whether online or at a gig etc, due to being a woman involved in music? (looking for examples here as opposed to just a yes/no)
  • Is it harder for women to freely express themselves within the music scene? Why? (yes or no, explain please)

If you are a professional within the music industry (photographer, journalist, band etc) as well as the above then any input on whether you’ve found it harder to break into the industry, whether you think you’re taken less seriously as a woman, or whether you think it’s harder for women/are they taken less seriously?

Important notes - If you don’t mind then a name, age and gender (occupation too if a professional) would be great but you definitely don’t have to provide that info. You can send me stuff on here or if you’d prefer you can send responses to wimusic@outlook.com - your email address info will not be posted or shown to anyone.

The feedback and responses will be used online in an article, so please do keep in mind that if you provide your name/age, it’s likely they’ll be published.

If you don’t wanna contribute directly then please please reblog and help me out.

Thank you!


I’m so lucky to have had played with some of my favourite artists.

It’s one of those slow days when you look at back at things you’ve done and realise how lucky you are and how…you’ve done alright ya know?

I’m terrible at that.

In no particular order this is possibly my top 10 of people i have enjoyed the most playing with… It was hard though, so many wonderful artists.

(numbered by the order of photos only…)

1. Chet Faker
2. Rachel Sermanni
3. Amber Run
4. James Bay
5. James Blunt
6. Moddi
7. Flo Morrissey
8. Thomas Dybdahl
9. Dylan LeBlanc
10. Roo Panes