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Going 70 on santas sleigh on the way to North Carolina. Playing the shred shed in Greensboro tonight, come get jolly on ole Saint Nick with us. #gigcity #merryholidays

On Friday, Gig City published a preview of our two upcoming shows by Emanuel Licha and Nicole Rayburn, as well as an artist talk this Thursday at the Art Gallery of Alberta featuring local artist Dara Humniski in conversation with curator Catherine Crowston. We weren’t quite sure what to make of it. Aside from the headline, “Edmonton visual artists debut shows at Latitude 53, AGA” which gives rather the wrong impression of our two shows (Nicole Rayburn used to live here but is now based in Toronto, and Emanuel Licha hails from Montreal and works in France and internationally), the article mostly focuses on random sentences pulled from our press release, and presumably that of the AGA to try to make a point about how artists are bad at writing.

Well, while we were a bit puzzled, Dara Humniski was writing a response:

Well Ann, this is the second time you’ve taken a swipe at my credibility, so I feel inclined to comment. First by implying that a commission I received by putting forth an application to an open-call & juried selection committee had something to do with my partner (commissioned later for a different project by a different branch of the gallery), and now this causal implication that the meaning of my work is vapid or superficial.

Fluffy? Spacious? Thanks for continuing with the subtle jabs to emerging artists. I’m not sure what your agenda is with the visual art ‘coverage’ your supplying to gigcity. Shrugging your shoulders saying, “Welp! I don’t get it, Artists are pretty superficial aren’t they?” seems like a sloppy attempt at provocation to increase hits on your site, rather than thoughtful criticism or an interest in seeding a dialogue.

She goes on to talk more about her work and the role of ambiguity in her art—and to take author Ann Smart to task for her writing. You can find her full comment below the article.

Also not mentioned in the article: the time of Dara’s talk. It takes place Thursday at 6pm at the Art Gallery of Alberta, and admission is free.

As an Electronic Frontier Foundation editorial points out, US mayors can and should take steps to make municipal broadband a reality, putting competitive pressure on America’s foot-dragging, worst-of-breed ISPs . 

Many cities are sitting on a gold-mine of “dark fiber” that can be lit up to provide blazing-fast connections, and even in places where state law prohibits municipal Internet service, there are loopholes, like the one that Chattanooga, TN used to light up a gigabit network that’s 100 times faster than most Americans can get.

Gig City’s Stuart Adams talked with our writer-in-residence Blair Brennan:

To date, Brennan has logged about 4,500 words on Latitude 53’s blog, with topics ranging from observations and opinions to ruminations and his own artistic self-expression. “It’s always about a hopefully, well-formed argument about my opinion,” Brennan says, but at the same time he avoids taking himself too seriously. “I don’t write with an outline. I go ‘word, word, word’. Making abstract steel sculpture was very good training. As long as you can ‘cut and paste,’ it’s just like welding.”

Read the full story at talked to some of the organizers behind Hidden Truths, opening tomorrow night at 7 in the Community Gallery:

Moyra Lang, a volunteer with the Greater Edmonton Librarians Association, says the art program got its start from a prison book club that was run by the association inside the jail. Inmates started bringing some of their artwork to the book club meetings, Lang says, and she was impressed by what she saw.

“The art reflects their personal experience, their pain, their hurt and their journey towards healing,” Lang says. “I was blown away and thought, man, we should really have a show.”

Read the full article.

Splash! Round-up

Tonight is Splash! We’ve been getting ready for what seems like forever, but the time has come.

Here’s what’s being said about Splash! around town:

Friday…is the wrap party presented by Latitude 53 in an abandoned building located at 10575 109 Street. Ooh, how exciting. They’ll have DJs and everything. Wine, too. Actually it’s the space once occupied by Donovan’s Fashions, which went out of business. The world of high fashion is a dog-eat-dog industry. —Gig City

Fashion fans of Edmonton should be aware of the Western Canada Fashion Week taking place from March 24–31, and they also know that the week isn’t over without a well-deserved afterparty. Fulfilling that important task is Splash!, a Fashion Week party and fundraiser hosted by the contemporary art gallery Latitude 53. I’m thoroughly stoked about DJ Jaycie Jace’s jams, the amazing food (clearly I’m a starving university student), and of course, the Finlandia vodka cocktails (again, I’m a university student). Oh and don’t worry — the April Fool’s pranks will be kept at a minimum. Probably. —The Gateway

Western Canada Fashion Week is on and, although I’m not modeling in it this year, I’m excited to see some of my friends who are designers showcasing their work. Not to mention getting a break from Uggs and Lulu due to this neverending winter weather. The week wraps on Thursday, but doesn’t really finish until the fantastic after-party [hosted by] Latitude 53. Hello, stylish, pretty people. —The Edmontonian

Advance tickets are gone, but we’ll have some more at the door. See you tonight at 8!