Long Shadow  //  Justice League animated, DC Comics

Long Shadow was a member of the Ultimen, a superhero team created by Project Cadmus and financed by Maxwell Lord as an alternative to the Justice League, he was able to increase his physical size and mass by force of will.

The limits of his power is unknown though he could reach heights greater than the super-villain Giganta. (X)

IOTORAMA is an interactive project where you can learn about the world of “IoT” (Internet of Things) in a playful way. The project depicts the world by familiar areas such as home, body-mind, culture, DIY or social, in which everyday objects are enabled with connected technologies and given new functionality. We invite you to explore the game-like ecosystem of smart objects, data sources and purposes, and link them to discover inspirational projects that reflect on the immense possibilities and implications of connected technologies.

IOTORAMA proposes an active approach to technology and in particular to the internet of everything, questioning the way we are designing the world of tomorrow.

Creative direction, curation and production Alpha-ville (Estela Oliva and Carmen Salas)

Technology direction and development Silvio Paganini and William Mapan (FLUUUID)

Art direction and design Jonas Eltes (

Sound design Giganta

Installation tech support Miguel Gozalbo