Hi everyone! It’s good to be back and doing the Arty Thing. I stumbled across some absolutely fantastic designs by aishaneko of the “Don’t hug me, I’m scared.” videos. I couldn’t resist and so I present a gift to you ms. Aisha!    Enjoy!          ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

This was a really fun project to work on. Cloth is really fun to work with in Maya. Now that they’ve made nCloth less of a colossal, finnicky poop, that is. The hair took absolutely forever to do. I tried sculpting in ZBrush but the Subtool palette just gave me a heaping spoonfull of “Screw you!”. So I just extruded along some Curves in Maya. Way less qwop-into-the-sun worthy.

In regards to the level appropriation of my Red Grass Sunset piece, I don’t really have any video editing software to turn fraps footage into a gif so that’s gonna have to wait for another day. In any case, stay warm/cool this winter/summer and Be Creative!

Have a good one

     - Shaun

Between some personal artwork, commissions and tumblr-updates, I think I can afford myself doing some giftarts for other amazing artists.

Now, have this piece of our beloved Ayasha! Her mod’s birthday is today, and ooh… I almost ran out of time .-. Anyway, hope you’ll like it! ^^


*hugs you tightly* I wish you a nice birthday, lots of health and luck and fun for the future : > You’re one of the loveliest people I got to know and you always spread love and joy and make people feel good.

Stay the way you are, my friend. ♥

I really hope you’ll like the little gift I drew for you ; w ;