A letter came in the mail today to my workplace that was marked “confidential and personal”. Of course I looked at my coworker who delivered it confused and very curious about this mystery envelope. I opened it, and to my surprise I had received an absolutely incredible gift…this is the letter contained therein. With every word I read my eyes began to well..till a few tears rolled down my stubbled cheeks….to whomever sent this beautiful message and generous gift - I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It takes a great deal to bring me to tears these days, and this has absolutely done just that. Thank you so so much. As I am able in my future, I will absolutely be paying this forward. ❤️ #amazing #payitforward #incredible #sotouched #gift #thankyou #happytears #happyman #ftm #transandhappy #beyou #betrue #beautifuljourney #beautifullife #love #support #soblessed #sograteful

Two of the biggest internet phenomena in recent memory are Syfy’s Sharknado and Left Shark from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance.

It was only a matter of time until these two memes came together. Meet LeftSharknado, a 3” figure available on Etsy for $27.97.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No premiers on July 22 on Syfy, and a documentary about the franchise is in the works.

jessichavez asked:

I am a member in both a sorority and a honorary fraternity on my campus. My fraternity is currently going through the pledge/rush process and will be revealing ourselves to our littles soon. Because my fraternity is co-ed, I have gotten a little who is a guy. My guy little knows how all out I have gone for my littles in my sorority and I don't want him to feel left out from all of the gifts or feel less spoiled than them. So you have any suggestion for any non-girly gifts or crafts for him?

I have two posts that should help you brainstorm guy gift ideas! Most of the items you can either make or purchase, depending on how crafty you are. As you know from your sorority littles, usually a combination of handmade and bought gifts makes for a nice gift collection! xoxo ;)

Craft Ideas for Fraternity Guys

Fraternity Gift Ideas to Buy OR Craft

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Don’t Stop Because of Me

Setting: modern AU, boyfriends

Rating: not M

Trigger-warning: none needed

Thomas loves dancing in his room, but Newt never got to see it. However, getting the unexpected chance to watch during one night, it was more amusing than Newt ever thought. (Based on this prompt as a gift!)

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