Went fishing yesterday afternoon to night, and this big gal started doing circles into the evening. She must’ve circled the bay about thirty times! It’s pretty rare these big guys fly around so much in one day - usually it’s just one or two passes.

For those of you wondering, this gal is a P-3 Orion, a multi-crew sub hunter. That big ‘stinger’ on her tail is a detector, and can read the minute variations in the earth’s magnetic field that are caused by submarines! If I don’t go F-18s, I’ll most likely get these beauties.

"I finally began to understand what it means to live… Thinking for yourself, not running away… accepting the inevitable. All things eventually come to an end. Every living thing will one day disappear. Only by accepting this can one discover what they truly want. What the meaning of their life will be… You don’t have to save the world to find meaning in life. Sometimes, all you need is something simple; like someone to take care of...” 

 Happy BirthdayAigis!! [10.09]