“The infirmary, the blue room. […] You understand Simon’s space is very cold. Simon, I always kept in blues and purples in a very Alliance color scheme. Because unlike Mal, with whom he’s always conflicting, he does sort of represent the Alliance, even though he’s on the run from it. He represents, you know, a kind of perfectly handsome, brilliant, well-meaning person, the thing that the Alliance is supposed to be about.”
                                                               —Joss Whedon, Serenity director’s commentary

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-The Hunger Games
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-Monty Python
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theoreticalconstruct said:

12, 17, 23?

12. Have you ever been disappointed when your ship finally got together? 

Kenzi/Hale from Lost Girl. I shipped them back in season one, but I was very invested in them being a low-key, friendly, drama-free affair. Basically I wanted them to be a classic beta couple dynamic. I guess I just saw them being too chill to have ~dating and ~drama and ~angst. They didn’t seem the type. More like, “Hey, do you think…?” “Yeah, sure, why not?” Which might sound unromantic, but I love that kind of dynamic. 

And then there was the end of the last season. The less said about that the better. 

17. Talk about a pairing you’ve stopped shipping romantically. 

Oh. Hmm. I have a tendency to get bored/oppositional about a ship once it starts getting too much attention. It’s a weird, weird bad habit that I’m trying to break. Lost Girl is also a good candidate here. I loved the tension in the Bo/Lauren/Dyson triangle for most of season one, and would have been thrilled with some sort of triad relationship. Alas, it was not to be. And over time it felt like both relationships became… forced? Stale? Antagonistic, but not in an interesting way? This was over time, as I was gradually growing disenchanted with the show and watching it more out of habit. I think season one promised all sorts of sexy poly shenanigans and later seasons drifted away from that, and I was left with only miserable puns and mythological butchery, and nothing to prop them up or make them fun. 

I stayed for Kenzi, who was unfailingly awesome and perfect. 

23. Which of your ships deserve better writing? 

Um. All of them? Korrasami… actually does quite well, for being noncanon. Despite the love triangle debacle, they never resented each other, were never petty or mean-spirited. And they wrapped up that silliness quite neatly for us. Zoe/Wash… I shipped them pretty hard, but TBQH sometimes I felt like the dialogue for them was phoned in. Like someone wanted to focus on Mal or on River and would rather leave them in the background. Like the chemistry was there, and the idea was good, but it didn’t come through in an easy, natural way the way the best pairings do. 

It’s a thing about married couples, I think. Ichabod/Katrina on Sleepy Hollow suffers from it, too. They never quite go the extra step. And it’s sad, because I’d quite like to ship them in theory, but I can’t seem to muster any enthusiasm for it. Really, fandom writes established relationship fic infinitely better than pro writers, and I adore established relationships. TV is full of fictional couples who fizzled as soon as they got together. It’s an epidemic. Of course, there’s an exception to every rule, and that exception is Frank and Sadie Doyle. 

Oh! And I have to give honorable mention to the f!Hawke/Sebastian romance in DAII because faejilly hooked me onto it and it’s really quite disgracefully incomplete. If I could take a pair and scissors and some glue to that mess…. 

Het, dude. It’s so difficult sometimes. 

*looks up* Pattern of escalating rambling.