Lie to Me, 2.07

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P1 Sad message alert. Also rape tw. Buffy holds a special place in my heart. A few years ago, I was the badass girl who nobody messed with, if anyone tried to attack, I'd kick their ass in self defense. I didn't start fights, but I could defend myself. But one day, I was held down, and I couldn't stop him. He raped me, and for years after, I felt weak, dejected. I'm getting better, but it's a long recovery. Buffy has helped a lot though, because she's strong, she defends herself, like I did.

P2 so I see a lot of myself in her in the high school years, how I used to be. But then in 6, she comes back from the dead, and she feels dead inside, and she’s dejected, and I’ve felt like that a long time. And she’s almost hurt too like I was, she barely manages to win there… and she was traumatized from it, but she recovered… I know I don’t need to recover as fast, but seeing her recover, seeing her keep fighting even when she may not always win, not giving up… it just reminds me that

P3 my life didn’t end when he did what he did. I’m not weak because I couldn’t stop one person. And I CAN reclaim my life, get better, and even if I’ll never be exactly how I was once, I can “get the fire back”, and I can find “something to sing about”, and I can still be that girl who can take care of herself. I can walk away stronger… Buffy convinced me of all that. Buffy Summers did more than 3 years of therapy ever did. Because they just asked how I feel. She showed me what I can be though

anon, this is an incredible ask, thank you for sharing your story with me, it must have been incredibly hard

i have an immense respect for your mindset and i’m so proud of you for reaching this point

we might not have vampires or demons but this world definitely has it’s monsters

but it also has heroes like you <3

Chase Faces Indictments for Tax Evasion

March 16, 1999

In a late night press conference yesterday, it was revealed that local business tycoon Regan Chase is under investigation for numerous counts of tax evasion, fraud and insider trading. Assistant District Attorney Laurence Stanton told reporters that the founder and CEO of ChaseCorp has been under close watch for well over a year, and that indictments were expected within the week.

Soon after the announcement, defense attorney Dylan Moll spoke to reporters outside the ChaseCorp offices. “My client simply forgot to cross a few T’s and dot some I’s. A slip up here and there, nothing more. The economy does well only when people like Regan Chase do well. To attack him is to attack the American way.”

“Twelve years of criminal activity is no mistake,” said ADA Stanton in a phone interview conducted after Mr. Moll’s statement. “Regan Chase is a tax cheat and a fraud. We’re going after everything he has. When we’re done with him, the whole Chase family will be broke.” Though highly successful in court, ADA Stanton has been criticized for what some describe as his overzealous prosecutions of white collar criminals. Members of the Chase family did not respond to requests for interviews.