Favourite Buffyverse Characters - Day 14
No #14 - Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle

Oh Fred. When Fred turned up in series 2/3, I loved her. She had a sweet, kind, and adorable charm about her that made it impossible not to like her. In fact, she’d be higher up if it wasn’t for series 4 (I wasn’t a fan of some of her character paths there, in fact, I don’t like a lot of the character paths in series 4), but by series 5, she was back on track. Fred became the heart of Angel Investigations in a way, but also had the brains to back it up. She had a great development from the shy, fragile, partially insane girl rescued from Pylea, to sweet girl gradually coming out of her shell, to the strong, brave and kind science wiz, an integral part of Angel’s team. She was so goddamn adorable. Seriously. And her death in series 5 is one of the most heart breaking on the show. Fred’s likeability rests on Amy Acker’s fantastic acting ability. I mean seriously, Amy Acker is one the most talented and underappreciated actresses around. The beautiful Amy Acker made Fred the sweet, dorky and kindhearted character. Her death still gets me every time.