Dear diary, today, I ate some oatmeal for my breakfast. It was flavorless and watery. I thought of my mother. I cried. Then I put on my raincoat and traveled to the market. I purchased a pair of fancy mice. When I brought them home, one devoured the other and then died of loneliness. I felt envy. I lost a button on my cloak. Spike pointed it out in front of all of Wolfram & Hart- o, cruel attention. Button, o button, o where have thou fled? Did thee tary too long amongst fabric and thread? Did thou fall from my bosom and cease to exist? How I wish I could follow thee into the mist.
—  Angel

imagine random girls asking angel in a playful tone haha are you a vampire? and he gets nervous like wtf how did they know and they go sorry, it’s just that you’re kind of like that twilight guy, eventually he proceeds to watch it and just wants to stake himself

Ele me entende, me escuta, me abraça, me dá consolo, me dá carinho, me repreende quando necessário, me ajuda a levantar e está sempre de braços abertos pra mim, ele é o meu melhor amigo.
—  Ele é Deus. Mah Alves.