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The Big Four + Then and Now

19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Mythical Beings [11/19]

a giant thank you to zel who sat through all my indecisiveness with this au and helped me with the final casting


ROTBTD AU » Teen Titans
Episode: Date with Destiny
Jack as Robin; Rapunzel as Starfire; Pitch as Killer Moth (temporarily); Anna as Kitten (temporarily)

“We’re gonna need a minute …”


Mericcup Week 2014
Day 3: I Choose You by Sara Bareilles

Merida knew of the Vikings a long, long time ago. She knew of a scrawny boy from Berk named Hiccup, who befriended Dragons despite the ongoing war between them and his kind. They grew up together, got to know each other better, and given time, it could’ve been more. But Hiccup decided it was time for him to return to Berk. “The Vikings need me, Mer. I need to teach them that Dragons aren’t our enemies.” And before she could persuade him to stay, he had gone.

Many years later, she finds herself on her Wedding Day - a clan arrangement, of course, all her Mother’s doing - remembering the young Viking, who left her to do what was right. Dressed in her white, spotless wedding gown, her only thought is, “Hiccup is off someplace, somewhere, doing his duty as a Viking. Is this not my duty, as well?”

But he goes ahead and bursts through her doors, daring to show his face. He dares to stand before her, all grown up with his stupid, disheveled hair, with pleading eyes asking her not to get married, asking her to make a choice, asking her not to leave him despite he doing so all those years ago.

He should’ve expected her response.

“I’m a princess, Hiccup. It’s an occupational hazard.”