Making Perfect - Zelo

Look guys I can write fluff too~ Okay so this was the absolute cutest damn request (best friends practicing kissing) partially because Choi Junhong is cUTe aS frICK and I really hope I did it justice. byrayls if you were looking for something different, please let me know, and I’d be happy to write something new! Much love everyone <3

           “My god, I missed your cooking,” Junhong groans, digging into the fried rice with relish. “Why were apart for so long?”

           “Because you ran off to become an idol,” you remind him with a grin, hopping up on to the counter to eat your own dinner. Even with the added height, you’re a good few inches shorter than him. “Left your best friend behind.”

           “I texted,” he pouts.

           “Yes you did,” you grin, ruffling his hair. “I appreciated it. And now you’re back in my kitchen eating everything in sight and nothing has changed.”

           “I don’t know, I think something has changed,” he argues, a thoughtful look on his face. You raise an eyebrow.


           “Pretty sure you’re shorter than before.”


          Junhong yelps with laughter as you shove him hard enough to make him stumble. You wiggle on the counter, trying to find something that wouldn’t break if you threw it at him and finding nothing. You settle for punching his shoulder and giving him a stink eye.

           “All right, all right,” he grins, hands in the air in surrender. “You didn’t get shorter. I got taller.”

           “You’re still a dick,” you grumble.

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You have me coming back for more lol This time it's for Jelly Belly. Mafia AU "Who's this pretty little thing?"

You yanked at the chains that held you by the neck and arms against the wall. They were definitely steel and were going to be hard to break.

‘Stupid me. Stupid me for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.’

The door opened and the bright light blinded you for a few seconds. Six men stepped in and stood in front of you.

“Who’s this pretty little thing?” The tall, lanky one asked as he stepped towards you and lifted your chin with a single finger.

“Paws off Psycho.” The one with a trucker voice, but the face of an angel spoke; shoving the tall one’s hands out of the way. 

“Aww hyung; she’s hot! You always get the hot ones for yourself!”

‘….am I being fought over for sex!?’ You thought.

“Ignore them.” Another man with a deeper voice spoke. “What’s your name?”

“As if I would tell you fuck faces.” You snapped.

“She is feisty!” The tall one commented again.

“Tell us your name and what you were doing in the worst part of town.”

“My name is you’re never gonna know and you’ll never know why.”

“Sassy too.” Zelo commented again.”I like that.”

“Deep voice, tell tall one to shut his face before I shut it for him.”

“How is that possible?” Daehyun asked Youngjae. The younger shrugged.

“Psycho, shut up. We are trying to get information out of her; stop pissing her off.”

“Psycho? Why is his name that?”

“Aww fuck she asked!” Daehyun whined, doing a half circle.

“That’s not my name Princess.” Zelo stepped forward and leaned down to meet your eyes. “My name is Zelo, known to the gang world as the Psycho Maknae. Why? I’ve killed my family with my bare hands, killed the heir of Song Towers and brushed my own teeth with her blood. Don’t think I won’t do the same to you.”

That was more repulsive then anything you had ever heard in your life.

“So you’re a few crayons short of a full box.”

“Precisely.” He gave a shit eating grin. Stepping back, Zelo regrouped with the members and Yongguk looked at you.

“When you feel like giving us an answer, let us know. Until then; you’re stuck with us.”

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How would himchan and zelo react if their usually shy girlfriend suddenly gets on their lap and hugs them tight compliments them and gives them small kisses everywhere

Himchan: This will throw him through a loop because she never acted so “clingy” and he would think she wants something.

           “What do you want?” he would ask her once she sat closer than usual to him on the couch.  

           “What? I can’t sit next to my lovely boyfriend?” She wraps her arms around his torso. “Have you been working out?”


           “We need to spend more time together. I barely see you.” She showers his face with kisses before playing in his hair. “This haircolor looks nice on you.”

           “_______, that’s-”

Before he can finish his sentence, his girlfriend crawls into his lap and snuggles her head into the crook of his neck. He surrenders and he runs his fingers through her hair receiving a contented sigh from her.

 Zelo: He definitely would not know what to do in this situation, especially when his girlfriend has never acted like this before.

             “Maybe if I don’t move, maybe she’ll stop.” Is what’s running through Zelo’s head at the moment. Since he got back home from an afternoon of skateboarding, his girlfriend called him into the living room and said she had something important to tell him. She never brought the urgent matter up since then and has made herself comfortable in his lap and he has been sitting in the same spot for over an hour.

            “Didn’t you have something to tell me? Something important?” He asks her once she stopped showering his face with kisses.

           “Important?” She tightly wraps Zelo in a hug, her arms barely enveloping his large frame.


           “Oh! I forgot.” She giggles. “Skateboarding has done you some good because your legs are looking quite muscular.

           “They are?” He attempts to look down at them.

           “Maybe you can take me skateboarding sometime?” She looks up at him.

           “Sure.” He smiles as he looks down at her and gives her a kiss on the forehead.  

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[LYRICS] No-Title by Zelo96

Produced by Y-Not for Soundsmith Productions
Mixed by Sunny Diamonds
Lyrics & Melody by zelo

Before the world can straighten out my character can’t I become an example

In the spreading silence, no indifference I open my eyes
We make the days in front of us
I have nothing more to say than this
I too am a product of a small business
So crawl and come inside
Hurry, carry it on your head or lift it
The open mouths of fearless fools keep playing the music

Without a crease just like your heart with no remorse
With conquest of the world we capsized the whole world freshly

Cash that is secretly rotating covers one’s mouth
Hoping for the truth is my true hope

You earned dirty okay so play dirty
I may not know who bought it for me but I became a black crow in the industry
Your behavior all this while was a play release it to the world
In your own way you had thoughts by keeping your long silence before you ran away

That fabrication is still mystery?
Mr. Real? This is the capital
This isnt a rear car politely drive away the darkness
Show the original copy and if you feel guilty go hide and catch your breath

i don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
i don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
oh hell no
i don’t mess with ya’ll now
i don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
oh hell no (x2)

If you carve benevolence three times you can escape murder, no
I rather prefer the reaper to come visit how dare you
Look at people dying away looking at things the way they were
No you’re still young in my eyes you’re a pufferfish filled with poison

A word with no sense of responsibility
If it’s custom then that’s the end of it
Wanting to take off from this reality I’m already standing at the ends
Though I’m afraid I stand up against the high browed stares

If that mind of behavior
Is supposed to be inborn, it isn’t teaching no its spit
‘So I gotta chillin’

Is it such a discourtesy to give your trust
Why do a couple sheets of paper make you treat truth like a grave

It isn’t safe to stay beside this society
No one has reached the top clean but
To us who are different there is another group to follow
An avalanche with no one to scold
Cut down this disaster get erased together

i don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
i don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
oh hell no
i don’t mess with ya’ll now
i don’t even really mess with ya’ll now
oh hell no (x2)

Before the world can straighten out my character can’t I become an example

trans cr; nicole&woojung @ baptrans ; take out with full credit

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안무 짜느라 앨범준비 할 때 마다 혼자 연습실에 남아있던 그 기분 그립다 그리고 기타 등등

I miss the feeling of staying behind in the practice room making the choreography every time we got ready for a new album and miscellaneous etc etc
(Trans of pic: pathetic)

trans cr; Nicole @ baptrans ; take out with full credit