i wholeheartedly support veganism and i know that there are boundless benefits to turning vegan but honestly if you shame people for not being vegan (as opposed to being polite abt it) then you’re really just being horrible? like not everyone can afford supplementary foods and animal product-free food, being vegan is expensive! i’ve honestly tried to go vegan but because i don’t have a stable income (and often no income at all) i have to take what i can get and sometimes that will include animal products. as well as this, there’re people with conditions like severe anemia that seriously restrict their diets and limit what they can/can’t eat!!! so long story short i totally agree with veganism and i truly wish i could go vegan but really if you guilt people for their diets without acknowledging that different circumstances mean different things and that different people lead different lives then you’re just being horrible!!



You said love is not quantifiable yet you also have talked about loving Wife more day to day. So there is some quantification and I’m trying to understand it.


She stays calling me out on my inconsistencies. It was philosophical, not confrontational, light hearted and side commentary. And I love her for it.