Fluttering Feelings - chapter 36 Eng fast version (comic + text) by Kyra

But we will have new way for reading this. Check this out.


To make the English translations visible, you can either create a bookmark (bookmark a random page) and then change the url of said page to the following:

javascript:(function() { var oss_js = document.createElement(‘script’); oss_js.type = 'text/javascript’; oss_js.src = '’; document.body.appendChild(oss_js);})();

(make sure you have “javascript:” in front of the url)

> you can also use an add on, depending on which browser you’re using. i’ll leave the instructions here. 

> i’ll be doing the next few chapters in this way as well so if there’s anyone who likes seeing my edit/likes supporting the author, please feel free to head over.

> it’s honestly not take complicated, you just need to do it once, i realize it’s easier to just go to imgur but this is still free and once you’ve done it you’re set for all the next chapters.

And you may ask “Why won’t you upload this to imgur?”

because people would upload it to mangafox for one and more importantly, no direct page views for ssamba.

Of course you can still read rough typesetted version on imgur but it’s done by different editor (and no page views for Ssamba :( )

Kyra’s TS tutorial - bookmark version

1) Go to random page

2) Add it to bookmarks

3) copy this code:

javascript:(function() { var oss_js = document.createElement(‘script’); oss_js.type = 'text/javascript’; oss_js.src = ’’; document.body.appendChild(oss_js);})(); 

4) paste it on bookmark’s URL

5) Open chapter on comico you want to read (and which Kira did TS for example chapter 36)

6) start typing in address “java” and choose Kyra’s script

(bigger screen)

7) wait a sec

8) ta daa!

Instruction with screens for Addon version