One-On-One With Jonathan Toews

"You’re here today for Canadian Tire’s Heroes of Play program, which honours hockey volunteers from across Canada who have dedicated their time to the sport at the community level. If you were able to give out this honour to someone in your life, who would that person be?
The person who meant a lot to me was my coach, Thom Gross. He was really good at not only teaching kids how to play the game the right way, but also how to prepare and how to train off the ice and how to visualize and build your mental skill. It’s important to build your mental skill to overcome challenges you may face. So, he meant a lot to me as far as learning how to play the game, but also learning all those other things that go along with it.

Keeping with your childhood, was there a sports jersey that you wore way too often as a kid?
Ya, I had a Wayne Gretzky L.A. Kings jersey, and I had a bunch of autographs on it and I think I lost it or it got stolen or something so I was pretty crushed when that happened. 

Was it the white one? Black one?
It was the white one, but I had the black one too.

Favourite NHL rink to play in other than the Madhouse on Madison?
Um, I would say Montreal is a lot of fun, we don’t get to go there too often so its always a pretty cool place to play.

Favourite Chicago Blackhawks jersey of all time?
I do like the old like 3rd jersey, like the black one we kinda wore at the stadium series this year. It actually used to be our 3rd jersey. I like those ones, they’re pretty cool. And they’re still very simple and close to what we normally wear.

Tazer Moonwalk. Do you remember the 1st time doing that? (laughs) Ya, it was at centre ice in Boston after we won the cup and I was feeling pretty good after a few beers and a few glasses of champagne. Celebrating. x

Craziest thing you’ve ever done with the Stanley Cup?
I don’t know if we did anything crazy with it, but for me just taking it up to my cabin and on the boat and just having a few drinks, celebrating with friends was just a lot of fun. Because it was just our alone time and it was very private, so that was cool.

In the summer, what do you enjoy doing most that’s not hockey related?
I like to fish and relax out at the cabin. It’s about 2 hours east of Winnipeg where I go. It’s just so nice to go and get away, have some nice balance with the stuff that goes on in Chicago through out the season.

Ever been fishing on Toews lake?
(laughs) Nah, but I’ll be sure to make it up there some time soon.

When you think of the Blackhawks you think of Toews and Kane, one of the best duos in sports. So, if you were to associate yourselves with a TV duo, which duo would best resemble you guys.
A) Walter White & Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
B) Chandler & Joey (Friends)
C) Wayne & Garth (Wayne’s World)
D) Zack Morris & Screech (Saved By The Bell)
E) Will & Carlton (Fresh Prince)

(laughs listening to the options)
I like the last two, but I’ll go with Zack and Screech.

Who’s who?
(Stares in disbelief) C’mon, you know Kane is Screech for sure. That’s a good one for him, little curly headed rat, y’know.

Who would be on your dream power play line of all time, you’re playing centre?
That’s a pretty good one, umm. I don’t know, it would be cool to have Gretzky and Lemieux out there. Maybe Lidstrom on the point and who else could we put on the point? Maybe a right-handed shot? Maybe Al Macinnis, he had a pretty good shot.

Do you have a favourite YouTube video?

Maybe not my favourite, but you know the one of the kid at the fair who gets his face painted like a dinosaur? And the lady goes, “oh you’re a little lizard” and he goes “I like turtles” Have you seen that one?

No, I haven’t actually.

C’man, that’s the best one ever! Look it up right now you’ll love it.  x

-Daniel Bruno x

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